Thursday, July 10, 2008

Every day an Adventure

So you will probably read our posts on this blog and think, "wow, you drove to the grocery store- what is so adventurous about that?" If you do think such you have yet to comprehend the thrill of knowing Johnny Brassell IV. A drive to Broulum's is easily turned to an offroading escapade over curbs, dirt mounds and any other challenge that gets in the way of our 85 Honda Accord- nicknamed "The Cricket" for the chirping sound coming from the engine. All the while I am left wondering if the next bump "in the road" will cause a preterm labor. Let's face it, life with John is anything short of an adventure. And its one of the things I love most about him.
Take camping last weekend- we head towards the mountains with no particular place to go- Lewis and Clark style, we find the perfect spot to make camp and go to set up our tent to realize we forgot it looks like a night under the stars- which sounded exciting- until the stars disappeared and were replaced by clouds thundering and throwing lightening- it took us about 10 seconds to boycott that camping trip, we watched the coolest lightening storm on the way home though....all in all it was one of the funnest camping trips I have ever been on. The next in line would be when we made the tent out of a tarp and quilt to block the rain storms all night...let's face it- we, Brassells know how to have an adventure.
Hello, Seattle! Pregnant with Caity (at this point everyone thought she was going to be a boy!)

We caught our first mouse!! This is the only part of our apartment John can stand up in!

Dinner is served! :)


jamesp3 said...

I want to go to the store with John! Sounds like ya'll are doing well. We are excited to see you!

Brad said...

I bet you are going to have to go four-wheeling with your daughter to get her to sleep at night. Sounds like you are making the most!

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