Thursday, July 17, 2008

Side Job

Well, life is full of surprises-but I am just not sure what surprises me most....the fact that I married a car salesman or how he always manages to find ridiculous deals and sell the vehicle for almost double what we paid for it. It would humor me to find out how many miles we have thrown on our Honda in pursuit of these "once in a lifetime deals" that pop up every week or so. Our first purchase was a 1964 Ford Truck. We paid $1000, didn't have much experience with bartering or really knowing what to look for in a car...we were proud of our first investment though....until the beater broke down about half a mile later on the way home. We look under the truck to find an overwhelming amount of rust and an engine being held up by 2x4's. This was going to be a learning experience. Somehow we sold it for $1700. By "somehow" I really mean, good thing I am married to the luckiest man in the world, because we were able to sell it for $700 more. There were a few more buyings and sellings after that, where the cars haven't broken down.

We have our selling routine pretty much down to an art now. The most recent buy was a DR350 Suzuki dirt bike. This was a killer deal, especially with gas prices so high we knew we would be able to flip it pretty quick....until we realized we know NOTHING about bikes. John took it for a ride through some Fields some miles out only to hitchhike home. The bike broke down. That "killer deal" was literally going to kill us. So we try to sell it anyway make like a $50 profit or something. John posts the bike on various Internet sites and when people come look at it, John instructed me my job is to come waddling out holding my very pregnant stomach so the buyer pities us and feels too bad to talk our price down...I am telling you....its an art. We sold it thank a man with very long hair in a mini van.

So John's favorite way to relax is to look at Craig's list, KSL ads, Rexburgswap, and other websites selling cars, he has developed quite an eye for a good deal- and with his unquestionable good luck things usually work out.

And of course only Johnny would find a perfectly good working car, good physical condition (minus the fact that it is gold and an ugly Plymouth), nice interior- Yes, FREE. How is someone so lucky?? So where to from here? I guess I will leave it up to John's luck. but still, who finds a perfectly good working car for free?

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