Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So we just got back from a weekend camping at Bear Lake. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mary's B-day

Mary's Birthday! Can you believe this was our first birthday together?!?! Wow! Haha. The big 21. She has been so excited. Thanks for all the phone calls and packages. Every time the phone would ring she would tell me, as her birthday secretary, to answer it and bring it to her. She just lit up everytime it rang. I tried to get her everything she has been wanting for her birthday. The only things I didn't want to toy with was the #1 thing on her list.... hair products. Vadal Sasoon, Pantene Pro-v, Mabeline, I think Hana Montana has some new hair thing going on. It's hard enough to choose the right thing for a girl when you have only 2 options, so I knew with the warehouse size shampoo and makeup section I would defenitly fail. So I decided to get everything else she wanted, hoping she would forget about the hair stuff. Her birthday came and she was so happy and grateful for the stuff I got her. A check for 25$ also came in that day for her. I was so excited that it came in, so she could pick out her perfect hair supplies, and feel happy with her hair. Word is, that it's in that akward stage; not too long, but not too short. She had to work that day and told me she was going to make a couple stops before she got home to get some hair stuff. When she came home she gave me a big hug and we continued to celebrate her birthday. A couple hours later she asked me to look in my closet and see if I saw anything new. I have played this game before, and likewise have no luck. Apparently I always choose the shirts she says she wears all the time. I couldn't see anything new. With a big beautiful smile on her face she told me to look again. Nothing. Finally she told me to look at the floor, and there was a brand new, nice, shiny pair, of black shoes. They were for me. Instead of using her birthday money for what she wanted more than anything, she bought me new shoes. Isn't she mary just amazing!

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