Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I like Caity.

I just love my little girl. She is perfect for me. With john gone all day at work, it is so nice to have a little helper and girlfriend.
Things I like about Caity lately:
1- she loves soft things, she loves fabrics and textures. right now she is hugging a fleece blanket while she sleeps.
2- she loves to cuddle, give hugs, and give kisses. Every mom's dream and Dad's future nightmare.
3- she can play with the big kids. a bump in the head doesn't phase her, she loves mimiking what the older kids are doing at the play ground, you can tell she is scared to go down the slide but the peer pressure from the 5 year olds makes her excited and the whole way down she watches them
4- she likes dressing up. we were trying on Christmas dresses in the mall and Caity would come waddling out and give everyone a hug look in the mirrors and smile and twirl and pat the poof of the dress. she likes crowns and jewelery- just the other day I caught her running from her bedroom back to her bath with all her plastic jewelry on so she could look at her reflection in the bath stopper... it is so cute, she is always asking me to do her hair and when I do my make-up she is always wanting some too. I love our girl time.
5-she runs away when I change her diaper...sometimes frustrating but I like it about her,I think it reminds me of something her dad would do...lets hope John never ends up in a retirement home.
6-she sings! I love her singing!
7- she dances! I love her twirling, swaying and squatting and head bopping.
8- i love how she helps me around the kitchen. from loading the dishwasher to cooking to sweeping. she is mommy's helper.

The list could go on forever but I should probably stop...she is just wonderful and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful little friend in my life. I just hope she doesn't get any older. or bigger. Just freeze- got it caity?

Camping...she loves the outdoors
she also waves at everyone she sees.
getting ready for church...
and naturally hanging out in a washing machine.


Caity sweeping on halloween.

Halloween! A couple months late....

So I learned this year how much more fun halloween is with a toddler! After a huge debate as to what our little girl should be John and I finally decided a lady bug was most suitable for Caity as 1- she was practically infactuated with them this last summer and 2- her nickname from her dad (besides gremlin, demon- we are working to get those out of the vocabulary) is Caity-bug. Fate just happened to agree with us when I found a lady bug costume for $2.47 I'm sorry but that is just cool. Naturally everything looks better with glitter so I had a little fun making my little lady bug quite the diva. I managed to bedazzle the kitchen floor and walk way up to the house while I was at it....but I was happy with the final result- I'm not much of a photographer, but hey Caity isn't much for standing still.

Caity loved trick or treating! She would go up to the doors and knock and at first would run into their homes to take a look around. but she soon learned trick or treat ettiquite and was satisfied with dancing on the door mats, a couple times she would take a handful sort through it grab the smarties and lollipops and throw the rest back (even the twix...unfortunate child has no idea), everyone got a kick out of her, and she loved the attention.

John and I dressed up as nerdy athletes, we had a lot of fun and almost won our ward pumpkin carving contest.... here are some of the pictures...

ok, so if you thought that we dressed up like Special Olympics did everyone else. But just for the record...we didn't. We are pretty cool right?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guess what?

WE MOVED! and we LOVE it! It is so nice having our own space and time and everything- we appreciate everything we learned from Heritage Homes, but it feels good to move on. I still work shifts here and there and I can bring Caity which is really nice. We have great neighbors and an awesome ward, we have immediately felt so welcomed! If anyone is meandering down pioneer rd, stop by Peterson Pointe 302! We love visitors!!
Guess what else?
I AM BACK TO SCHOOL! Oh the joys of motherhood combined with a part-time job and part-time school. I am actually really enjoying it and it isn't too stressful yet, then again I am no super mom and am only taking two classes. But I am going to start institute with my neighbor and new friend, Emily- I am excited for that.
Guess what ELSE? This is the BIG one...
I AM GOING TO CHINA!!!!! Isn't that the coolest thing in the world or something? Idaho Special Olympics have been invited for the World special olympics and I got invited to be a partner. There is also an athlete from our area going- Hoagie, he works at the rexburg walmart, so if you see him make sure it give him a a congrats! I found out about two days ago and I am leaving nov 6 for 6 days. It is an all expense paid trip- souveniers everything. I know it sounds lame, but about 3/4 of me doesn't really want to go....I don't want to leave Caity for that long- and John and I haven't even spent a night apart yet so I am going to miss him too...We tried to make it so John could go but it just didn't work out and I want to take Caity with me so bad, but it really wouldn't be fair for her to be put on a wack schedule and to be rushed everywhere. But yeah- I can't beleive in a month I am going to CHINA!!! AHHHH! So crazy.
I know, I know, I need to get pictures of Caity up on the blog. Will do. Someday.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wanted: contractor

I have a significantly large blob of gray I am currently trying to seperate. Looking for someone who can pull the white from the black and provide a bigger picture. Please contact me with your bid.
Also, I am missing my motivation to continue working at the assisted living home, if anyone sees that lying around, please contact me immediately- on second thought, just hold on to it and you can come move in our room.
That is all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

oh caity

So not that exciting of videos, I just haven't posted anything in a long time, and I think my family has forgotten what Caity looks like- or all they can remember is 8 month old Caity....everytime I walk to her crib and I am shaking a bottle she gets so excited.


Really, not much new here- but just a glimpse of our last couple months:
  • spent 4th of July with Rexburg parade, steaks and a bonfire with s'mores and fireworks
  • John's family moved to Ogden- yay!
  • My brother is in Thailand on his mission- he is doing awesome- eaten some pretty interesting things, even something with manure in it- gross
  • took Caity on her first row boat ride
  • Have you seen Marley and me? You know when the dog dies and they just cry because the dog had been there through their whole marriage, through their ups and downs, through child births and everything? That is how I felt when our 85 honda accord,the cricket, blew up last wednesday...a lot wonderful memories with that car, perhaps I will blog about this in more detail really was like losing part of the family though
  • we bought a new car- it really is just a rebound off the cricket- exact car just a 91 instead of an 85
  • Went to Lagoon for my birthday
  • John is spreading manure for the fall semester
  • caity has been taking her first steps
  • My sister, Becca, is coming to visit next month
That is all I can really think of, but in summary life is great!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday on Friday

This week has just flown by. So what do I have to be grateful for? Well, the best thing about THIS thursday as that our work meeting got cancelled...hallelujah! Also I am grateful John and I got to go to the temple. We were in the waiting chapel at 5:50 and the 6:00 session was already full. If we couldn't get in that session we wouldn't have time to do one since we had to pick up Caity from Kayleen's and be home at when I felt really discouraged when I heard it was full. Then the temple worker came in and asked which couple had entered the room first out of the 10 couples in the chapel, and it just happened to be us and so we got that last two seats, AND not only that but the girl's side was full so I got to sit right next to John. That was cool too. But just the fact that there was barely room for us and the temple worker came out and got us was just a tender mercy to me of how important it was that we were there.
I am also grateful today for a husband who will stay up late and talk with me and help me get a bigger picture of things I am trying to figure out. He is just my best friend

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hi, Erin- I am copying your thankful thursday! There is just so much in my life I have to be thankful for.
I've been thinking lately how grateful I am for the place in my life I am in. I have so many oppurtunities to grow and serve, and I am thankful for the person I can become with all these adventures I am experiencing- well, hopefully- all the same, I am grateful for that.

Today I am especially thankful for my mom. She is a pretty amazing person. She always knows what to say to guide me to solutions in my life. My mom has so many amazing gifts, everything she touches comes out better when she leaves and she isn't afraid to stand out. She just does what she is supposed to do, when she is supposed to. She lives her life being in the right places. She is a lemonade with lemons person. I appreciate how confident she is in doing what she knows is right. It is such an example to me. You know, I think it is hard being as perfect as she is. I hear people try to put her down in her conversations with them- you know how women can be- and she just smiles and holds her head up, and continues to encourage the best out of them....I want to be more like that. She has sacrificed a lot for me- even before I was born. She sat through intense program classes at BYU exteremely pregnant so she could get her college degree- setting that precident for me in my life. She took the time to teach me- I am not nearly as close to her example as I would like, but I will always remember the "momisms" she gave me. They were mostly about be kind to others. She would say every morning I needed to make an effort to look my best and prettiest, and as soon as I walked out the door to forget myself entirely. She taught me when I was down the answer was service- when I feel sorry for myself focus on others. "People won't always remember what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel." That one is my favorite. I just think she is just plain amazing. I am grateful for her and I am grateful I have been able to witness the lives she has touched, I am grateful to watch her jump at experiences to grow and learn, I am grateful that I have her to aspire to.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The picture of the day

Is it just because I am her mom or is this picture impossible not to laugh at? She has been smiling like this for a couple days now- where she will scrunch her eyes up like that, is cracks me up. I thought I would try a pony tail for the first time- and it just looked silly- her hair is just too straight! but I love this picture- I think It captures Caity today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So today I took on the task of cleaning out the cars on account of John is always giving me a hard time about how dirty my car is. So I started with the car I drive- The Crown vic. I procede to pick up toys, a baby blanket, the stroller, my temple bag- it was pretty untidy. Then I move over to John's car- the honda accord- about DISGUSTING!! I had to peel sheets of paper off the floor, there were clothes MOLDING in the back seat, there was a bottle that had mold all over the tip, his entire tool chest was spilled out through out the car, homework assignments he was looking for months ago, an orange that was green....I am telling you I wanted to vomit. I don't even want to know where the stains came from all over the seats. I will give him some credit, he does do a lot yardwork and maintenance for a lot of our income, and he is using the car as a truck. But to give me grief about a tickle me elmo? Please.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Which should I be more worried about? The fact that my baby was drinking from the toilet or the fact that the toilet was apparently clogged? I don't even know how go on from here...but seeing as the latter issue was Dad's fault I waited until he kissed her cheeks before i washed her off and told him what he was kissing. Just making lemonade with lemons.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Straight up ballers

So today was regionals for eastern idaho special olympics. John and I are partner basketball coaches for the Rigby Hornets, and we pretty much are going to take state. We did pretty well today. The hornets are a part of the unified league- which means two of the three players on the court are "partners"- they don't have any kind of disability. It makes things more competitive which is more fun for the athletes as well as those watching. Some of the partners, however; know the direct route to my nerves. I mean- they foul out and start swearing at one of the athletes- I mean- really? I just want to be like, "Hey remember when you volunteered for special olympics and rammed into that girl with autism- that was really cool." but I am trying to be less sarcastic. Anyhow we were playing a team full of these competitive partners and they were shoving and doing all these hardcore layups. So John puts in Brian, and athlete that just gets so focused and excited that he will do ANYTHING to get the ball. So Brian commences to slap, push, shove and steal the ball like crazy. Now, both John and I understand the importance of teaching athletes sportmanship, but it was too funny to watch Brian just rock these punk highschool kids. At first I was the voice of reason- and I would back up the referee and tell Brian not to hit, while John was on the other side of me cracking up saying- "Brain! Don't change a thing! You are doing great! Go Brian! Everyone needs to play more like Brian!" Of course this game stradegy needs severe improvement in order for state olympics to be at all successful, but today was an enjoyable day. The skill level was probably about the same as young women stake basketball, which gives me a further appreciation to my parents who sat through all those intense, WNBA comparable games. The good news in this blog: off to state championship we go!!! (with everyone else- its a no cut sort of thing- but lets pretend you don't that)...ahem...YAY!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Caitys kissing Caitys

Today we went to Mesa Falls with our friends, the Tresslers. Their boy Ezra is the same-ish age as Caity and she likes playing with him a lot, whenever she sees him she gets really excited and reaches for him. We also went to my old stomping grounds, The Backyard- I will forever cherish my memories working there 9+mo pregnant...They were the only place that was hiring when I was pregnant I feel so grateful to them for that. Then we went to the park and played some, and then we went window shopping and got iron candle sticks because we were moms. Then you wouldn't beleive this but John wanted to go off roading so I took my sticky dirty baby home gave her a bubble bath and she is knocked out and I am so exhausted I can't even feel my legs I think. So my husband is still off discovering the terrain of idaho with his accomplice, Cameron. And I since I will be left widow for the next couple hours I think I will just watch this video of Caity kissing herself- you know what? You should watch it too:

My favorite part though is when she flips around and smiles at John like, "Hey! Dad, what are doing here watching me?" She will sit and kiss herself for hours.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh what a day!

Today commenced at 3:00 am with a resident pounding on doors and going potty all over the carpet. I knew it would probably be nice for me to wash the carpet so the morning shift wouldn't have to, but I just wasn't feeling that much compassion, so I laid down and tried to go asleep, thinking it was just a nightmare. What felt like minutes later, my alarm clock went off- "DADADAADDAAAHHHH!!" and my alarm clock is ready for a day of adventures with mommy. I just couldn't let her down- so we went to the park and Caity went on the swing for the first time- which she loved! We played on the other toys walked around the park then headed home. She took a glorious nap while i cleaned up our bedroom. Then I fed Caity peas, then I went to a work meeting and talked about HIPPA much longer than Hippo or whatever should be talked about. Then I went to IF with a friend to help her look for maternity clothes, which are a pain and awfully too expensive. Then I came home and was totally domestic and made John some soup- he had been at school ALL day. Then we watched the Office. And now I am just ready to that was a day in life of Mary Pdiddy Brassell. I know what an interesting post. PS- I am learning what everyone means when they say, "just wait til she starts crawling." Oh caity.
Night all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey Grandma and Grandpa! Look what I can do!

So all this time we tried to get her to crawl to toys, silly us- Caity doesn't want to play, she wants to eat. It's true she is her mother's daughter. She will do whatever it takes to get to those yogurt melts. It took a couple minutes to convince her a toy is worth the crawl too, but here are the results:

A little awkward- but she gets there! I love how excited she is when she gets to her toy. I just love that girl. Except for right now....right now she needs a diaper change- not my favorite activity with Caity. (I am too immature to be a mom.)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter Dresses, colored eggs and jelly beans- I love the traditions with easter. However, I failed as a Partridge by forgetting to buy a ham and scalloped potatoes- but I will do better next year. John and I also watched the first presidency easter message, it was a special way to celebrate the true meaning. What a wonderful time to reflect on our Savior's love and the gift of the atonement. When we got home from church, I had a little too much fun with the camera
Caity in her Easter dress between Dad's feet

Caity and Beth

Me and my girl (even IF everyone says she looks like John)

A couple close ups (she is SO chubby)....

We like being a family...

Daddy-Daughter time

Caity was cranky so John drove her around on Dick's motor wheelchair, she was hanging out competely relaxed, it was funny.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So today I was in the math lab working on this big project we had to present. I get a call from Mary balling saying she is so sorry but the bank called her and told her someone had taken 2500$ from the account. She said the bank froze the account and is looking into it. Mary told me she had lost her card the night before and couldn't find it. I was sitting at a computer so I looked up our acount and found it was true! I ran dowstairs and outside to where Mary was going to meet me so we could go to the bank. She cried and said I'm sorry. I did come through! I gave her a hug and told her everything is fine and I guess we'll just sell Caity. Just kidding you grandmas. As we're driving to the bank, and I'm planning the heck I'm going to cause going in there, Mary shows me a check she had written to herself for 2500$ and said APRIL FOOLS!!! She did a good job!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 videos

Everyone loves videos...the first one she is eating her first gerber graham and the second one, I honestly don't know what she was laughing at she was just...laughing.
and Caity laughing:

Rosa and Lisa

So I last night was round two with Special Olympics Basketball practice. We love it. It is so nice to get away from a world spinning way to fast and just spend a couple hours having fun with some of the sweetest most amazing spirits- I know that sounds a little corny, but it really is such a blessing to be involved in. I know you shouldn't choose favorites...but there are two girls I really love working with one is Rosa she is just so sweet, she speaks spanish so the coach will nickname everyone some random word in spanish and she just cracks up, like John is Tortilla and I am meat on the grill. It is pretty fun. Then there is Lisa, who has down syndrome, I am her partner when we play....I was so excited and when the coach paired us up she looked at me turned around, through her hands up and turned around exclaiming, "WHYYYYY???" I am not going to lie, my feelings were hurt. I asked her if she wanted to be my partner and she looked disgusted and shook her head...I told the coach and he asked her if she would be my partner and she nodded her head then he asked her to shake my hand and she looked absolutely horrified. Then she finally shook my hand with her face looking another way, and then when I let go she started shivering and wiping all my cooties or what not off her hand and made vomiting actions and noises. Now my feelings were REALLY hurt...that was so mean! And she was my absolute favorite! So, with Rosa's help I finally got her to say she wanted her choir partner (who was there) to be her Bball partner too...that wasn't so bad, so she just wanted someone else. Well I convinced her she didn't have to hate me but she didn't have to like me either. But she did need to be nice at the very least. She agreed and gave me a hug and didn't even shiver. We made a couple baskets, but I wasn't much help with Caity on my shoulders, as Rosa pointed out. But by the end of the game Lisa told me she liked me because of my baby...its always the baby, isn't it?
Hopefully next week it doesn't take convincing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well life continues in the fast lane for us! You wouldn't believe this but it is snowing outside- (that was sarcasm) At least it is a pretty snow, you know the big flake kind. Today Caity had bananas for the first time- she really didn't like Gerber's take on the fruit (I tried it too, it was pretty gross) Every bite she would look at me and her little body would shudder as she swallowed it.
For those of you who don't know- we live in an Assisted Living home as we have a few roommates in wheel chairs and the such....well, today Caity learned how to roll a ball as her and Colleen played catch for about an hour, It was pretty cute. (here's a picture of Colleen)All the while Grandma Beth clapped at Caity saying, "BINGO! BINGO! You are such a cute wittle boy!" (Beth is in the background)

Oh and guess what? I learned how to play greensleeves on the piano... too bad by the time I learned it I was sick of hearing it, and by the time I want to hear it again I won't remember it. John is trying to fix up our Crown Victoria so we can sell it and we will be once again back to driving the luxurious 85 honda accord. Tonight we head out to special olympics practice, it will be our second time volunteering, we like it so far. Well I should head out or we will be all! Oh wait one more thing! When I was at walmart the other day the was a moose on the loose in the parking lot....random.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Creep cat out back

So a couple nights ago at 2:30 am I got up to feed Caity and the when I was trying to fall back asleep I thought I heard someone calling for was far away and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or if I was going crazy so I didn't wake John up for help or anything, just kind of went to sleep praying it was my imagination. Well at 5:30 am this morning both John and I wake up hearing someone yell "SOMEONE HELP ME!" outside our bedroom window. I am talking RIGHT outside our bedroom window. Wicka what????? I mean it was LOUD, loud enough to wake us up. So John grabs his gun starts looking through all the windows seeing if we could find anything. Nothing. So John went with plan B and calls the police to let them know, because we both felt it someone trying to lure us outside. ( Plan A was to go outside and introduce them to Mr. 12-gauge.) At this point we can't sleep on account of there is either a crazy outside or John and I are straight up crazy. So we are just laying on our bed thinking and a car drives by illuminating two shadows walking past another window...TALK ABOUT SCARY MOVIE OR SOMETHING...this was like for real! Now John runs up to look at another window in the house to see if he can see get their faces, I run to...actually I really don't know where I was running...I was just, running I guess, probably similar to a chicken with its head cut off. Then in the lot behind ours I see a flashlight (this is on the opposite side of the house of the stalker shadows) The flashlight flashes RIGHT at me!! I am not even kidding I thought I was a goner....but guess what? It was a police man...all is well. We tell him about the figures bolting in front of our windows (actually John went out and told him...I was too scared to go outside.) Then John and Mr. Popo heard dogs going crazy across the street...Creep cat meet the neighbor's Rottweiler the dogs barking got fainter and fainter. But when the police man went and checked outside our window there were foot prints in the frost leading up to our window as well as hand prints on the fence door "disturbing the frost"...any way long story short, some one was trying to a) break in the house or b)to get pictures of us for the next People magazine....we are a big deal you know. My co worker came in and swore to me that "Hate to break it to you Mary...but they were after and Caity." Thanks for the lift, Pal...I'll try to sleep tonight. Anyways it was a crazy night, (I started this post on Friday so it has been a couple days where there has been no more disturbances to us or our frost.) But creep cats if you are out there our alarm works fine...we won't be needing any further wake up calls. Thank you have a good night

Monday, March 16, 2009

Introducing the one and only....

She stole our hearts from day one, ladies and gentlemen, the newest Brassell;
Caity Elizabeth

YAY! come play with me! (She likes standing in her crib)
This is my favorite smile...she just brightens my day
Daddy's girl..need I say more?
Caity's and my first visit to Jackson Hole
She loves helpping me with Laundry
She love's her bubble baths- that's my girl!
And what is a bath without a ducky...
My two favorite people!
I have a little too much fun playing dress up

All clean!

So happy...

My mascara stick...her favorite chew toy
Of course we have to get a picture of her wearing this...
My flower child.
Eating with Daddy
Just hangin' out

On her blessing day.

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