Thursday, March 26, 2009

2 videos

Everyone loves videos...the first one she is eating her first gerber graham and the second one, I honestly don't know what she was laughing at she was just...laughing.
and Caity laughing:

Rosa and Lisa

So I last night was round two with Special Olympics Basketball practice. We love it. It is so nice to get away from a world spinning way to fast and just spend a couple hours having fun with some of the sweetest most amazing spirits- I know that sounds a little corny, but it really is such a blessing to be involved in. I know you shouldn't choose favorites...but there are two girls I really love working with one is Rosa she is just so sweet, she speaks spanish so the coach will nickname everyone some random word in spanish and she just cracks up, like John is Tortilla and I am meat on the grill. It is pretty fun. Then there is Lisa, who has down syndrome, I am her partner when we play....I was so excited and when the coach paired us up she looked at me turned around, through her hands up and turned around exclaiming, "WHYYYYY???" I am not going to lie, my feelings were hurt. I asked her if she wanted to be my partner and she looked disgusted and shook her head...I told the coach and he asked her if she would be my partner and she nodded her head then he asked her to shake my hand and she looked absolutely horrified. Then she finally shook my hand with her face looking another way, and then when I let go she started shivering and wiping all my cooties or what not off her hand and made vomiting actions and noises. Now my feelings were REALLY hurt...that was so mean! And she was my absolute favorite! So, with Rosa's help I finally got her to say she wanted her choir partner (who was there) to be her Bball partner too...that wasn't so bad, so she just wanted someone else. Well I convinced her she didn't have to hate me but she didn't have to like me either. But she did need to be nice at the very least. She agreed and gave me a hug and didn't even shiver. We made a couple baskets, but I wasn't much help with Caity on my shoulders, as Rosa pointed out. But by the end of the game Lisa told me she liked me because of my baby...its always the baby, isn't it?
Hopefully next week it doesn't take convincing.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well life continues in the fast lane for us! You wouldn't believe this but it is snowing outside- (that was sarcasm) At least it is a pretty snow, you know the big flake kind. Today Caity had bananas for the first time- she really didn't like Gerber's take on the fruit (I tried it too, it was pretty gross) Every bite she would look at me and her little body would shudder as she swallowed it.
For those of you who don't know- we live in an Assisted Living home as we have a few roommates in wheel chairs and the such....well, today Caity learned how to roll a ball as her and Colleen played catch for about an hour, It was pretty cute. (here's a picture of Colleen)All the while Grandma Beth clapped at Caity saying, "BINGO! BINGO! You are such a cute wittle boy!" (Beth is in the background)

Oh and guess what? I learned how to play greensleeves on the piano... too bad by the time I learned it I was sick of hearing it, and by the time I want to hear it again I won't remember it. John is trying to fix up our Crown Victoria so we can sell it and we will be once again back to driving the luxurious 85 honda accord. Tonight we head out to special olympics practice, it will be our second time volunteering, we like it so far. Well I should head out or we will be all! Oh wait one more thing! When I was at walmart the other day the was a moose on the loose in the parking lot....random.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Creep cat out back

So a couple nights ago at 2:30 am I got up to feed Caity and the when I was trying to fall back asleep I thought I heard someone calling for was far away and I wasn't sure if I was dreaming or if I was going crazy so I didn't wake John up for help or anything, just kind of went to sleep praying it was my imagination. Well at 5:30 am this morning both John and I wake up hearing someone yell "SOMEONE HELP ME!" outside our bedroom window. I am talking RIGHT outside our bedroom window. Wicka what????? I mean it was LOUD, loud enough to wake us up. So John grabs his gun starts looking through all the windows seeing if we could find anything. Nothing. So John went with plan B and calls the police to let them know, because we both felt it someone trying to lure us outside. ( Plan A was to go outside and introduce them to Mr. 12-gauge.) At this point we can't sleep on account of there is either a crazy outside or John and I are straight up crazy. So we are just laying on our bed thinking and a car drives by illuminating two shadows walking past another window...TALK ABOUT SCARY MOVIE OR SOMETHING...this was like for real! Now John runs up to look at another window in the house to see if he can see get their faces, I run to...actually I really don't know where I was running...I was just, running I guess, probably similar to a chicken with its head cut off. Then in the lot behind ours I see a flashlight (this is on the opposite side of the house of the stalker shadows) The flashlight flashes RIGHT at me!! I am not even kidding I thought I was a goner....but guess what? It was a police man...all is well. We tell him about the figures bolting in front of our windows (actually John went out and told him...I was too scared to go outside.) Then John and Mr. Popo heard dogs going crazy across the street...Creep cat meet the neighbor's Rottweiler the dogs barking got fainter and fainter. But when the police man went and checked outside our window there were foot prints in the frost leading up to our window as well as hand prints on the fence door "disturbing the frost"...any way long story short, some one was trying to a) break in the house or b)to get pictures of us for the next People magazine....we are a big deal you know. My co worker came in and swore to me that "Hate to break it to you Mary...but they were after and Caity." Thanks for the lift, Pal...I'll try to sleep tonight. Anyways it was a crazy night, (I started this post on Friday so it has been a couple days where there has been no more disturbances to us or our frost.) But creep cats if you are out there our alarm works fine...we won't be needing any further wake up calls. Thank you have a good night

Monday, March 16, 2009

Introducing the one and only....

She stole our hearts from day one, ladies and gentlemen, the newest Brassell;
Caity Elizabeth

YAY! come play with me! (She likes standing in her crib)
This is my favorite smile...she just brightens my day
Daddy's girl..need I say more?
Caity's and my first visit to Jackson Hole
She loves helpping me with Laundry
She love's her bubble baths- that's my girl!
And what is a bath without a ducky...
My two favorite people!
I have a little too much fun playing dress up

All clean!

So happy...

My mascara stick...her favorite chew toy
Of course we have to get a picture of her wearing this...
My flower child.
Eating with Daddy
Just hangin' out

On her blessing day.

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