Saturday, May 9, 2009

Caitys kissing Caitys

Today we went to Mesa Falls with our friends, the Tresslers. Their boy Ezra is the same-ish age as Caity and she likes playing with him a lot, whenever she sees him she gets really excited and reaches for him. We also went to my old stomping grounds, The Backyard- I will forever cherish my memories working there 9+mo pregnant...They were the only place that was hiring when I was pregnant I feel so grateful to them for that. Then we went to the park and played some, and then we went window shopping and got iron candle sticks because we were moms. Then you wouldn't beleive this but John wanted to go off roading so I took my sticky dirty baby home gave her a bubble bath and she is knocked out and I am so exhausted I can't even feel my legs I think. So my husband is still off discovering the terrain of idaho with his accomplice, Cameron. And I since I will be left widow for the next couple hours I think I will just watch this video of Caity kissing herself- you know what? You should watch it too:

My favorite part though is when she flips around and smiles at John like, "Hey! Dad, what are doing here watching me?" She will sit and kiss herself for hours.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh what a day!

Today commenced at 3:00 am with a resident pounding on doors and going potty all over the carpet. I knew it would probably be nice for me to wash the carpet so the morning shift wouldn't have to, but I just wasn't feeling that much compassion, so I laid down and tried to go asleep, thinking it was just a nightmare. What felt like minutes later, my alarm clock went off- "DADADAADDAAAHHHH!!" and my alarm clock is ready for a day of adventures with mommy. I just couldn't let her down- so we went to the park and Caity went on the swing for the first time- which she loved! We played on the other toys walked around the park then headed home. She took a glorious nap while i cleaned up our bedroom. Then I fed Caity peas, then I went to a work meeting and talked about HIPPA much longer than Hippo or whatever should be talked about. Then I went to IF with a friend to help her look for maternity clothes, which are a pain and awfully too expensive. Then I came home and was totally domestic and made John some soup- he had been at school ALL day. Then we watched the Office. And now I am just ready to that was a day in life of Mary Pdiddy Brassell. I know what an interesting post. PS- I am learning what everyone means when they say, "just wait til she starts crawling." Oh caity.
Night all!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hey Grandma and Grandpa! Look what I can do!

So all this time we tried to get her to crawl to toys, silly us- Caity doesn't want to play, she wants to eat. It's true she is her mother's daughter. She will do whatever it takes to get to those yogurt melts. It took a couple minutes to convince her a toy is worth the crawl too, but here are the results:

A little awkward- but she gets there! I love how excited she is when she gets to her toy. I just love that girl. Except for right now....right now she needs a diaper change- not my favorite activity with Caity. (I am too immature to be a mom.)

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