Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The picture of the day

Is it just because I am her mom or is this picture impossible not to laugh at? She has been smiling like this for a couple days now- where she will scrunch her eyes up like that, is cracks me up. I thought I would try a pony tail for the first time- and it just looked silly- her hair is just too straight! but I love this picture- I think It captures Caity today.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So today I took on the task of cleaning out the cars on account of John is always giving me a hard time about how dirty my car is. So I started with the car I drive- The Crown vic. I procede to pick up toys, a baby blanket, the stroller, my temple bag- it was pretty untidy. Then I move over to John's car- the honda accord- about DISGUSTING!! I had to peel sheets of paper off the floor, there were clothes MOLDING in the back seat, there was a bottle that had mold all over the tip, his entire tool chest was spilled out through out the car, homework assignments he was looking for months ago, an orange that was green....I am telling you I wanted to vomit. I don't even want to know where the stains came from all over the seats. I will give him some credit, he does do a lot yardwork and maintenance for a lot of our income, and he is using the car as a truck. But to give me grief about a tickle me elmo? Please.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Which should I be more worried about? The fact that my baby was drinking from the toilet or the fact that the toilet was apparently clogged? I don't even know how go on from here...but seeing as the latter issue was Dad's fault I waited until he kissed her cheeks before i washed her off and told him what he was kissing. Just making lemonade with lemons.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Straight up ballers

So today was regionals for eastern idaho special olympics. John and I are partner basketball coaches for the Rigby Hornets, and we pretty much are going to take state. We did pretty well today. The hornets are a part of the unified league- which means two of the three players on the court are "partners"- they don't have any kind of disability. It makes things more competitive which is more fun for the athletes as well as those watching. Some of the partners, however; know the direct route to my nerves. I mean- they foul out and start swearing at one of the athletes- I mean- really? I just want to be like, "Hey remember when you volunteered for special olympics and rammed into that girl with autism- that was really cool." but I am trying to be less sarcastic. Anyhow we were playing a team full of these competitive partners and they were shoving and doing all these hardcore layups. So John puts in Brian, and athlete that just gets so focused and excited that he will do ANYTHING to get the ball. So Brian commences to slap, push, shove and steal the ball like crazy. Now, both John and I understand the importance of teaching athletes sportmanship, but it was too funny to watch Brian just rock these punk highschool kids. At first I was the voice of reason- and I would back up the referee and tell Brian not to hit, while John was on the other side of me cracking up saying- "Brain! Don't change a thing! You are doing great! Go Brian! Everyone needs to play more like Brian!" Of course this game stradegy needs severe improvement in order for state olympics to be at all successful, but today was an enjoyable day. The skill level was probably about the same as young women stake basketball, which gives me a further appreciation to my parents who sat through all those intense, WNBA comparable games. The good news in this blog: off to state championship we go!!! (with everyone else- its a no cut sort of thing- but lets pretend you don't that)...ahem...YAY!

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