Sunday, September 27, 2009

Guess what?

WE MOVED! and we LOVE it! It is so nice having our own space and time and everything- we appreciate everything we learned from Heritage Homes, but it feels good to move on. I still work shifts here and there and I can bring Caity which is really nice. We have great neighbors and an awesome ward, we have immediately felt so welcomed! If anyone is meandering down pioneer rd, stop by Peterson Pointe 302! We love visitors!!
Guess what else?
I AM BACK TO SCHOOL! Oh the joys of motherhood combined with a part-time job and part-time school. I am actually really enjoying it and it isn't too stressful yet, then again I am no super mom and am only taking two classes. But I am going to start institute with my neighbor and new friend, Emily- I am excited for that.
Guess what ELSE? This is the BIG one...
I AM GOING TO CHINA!!!!! Isn't that the coolest thing in the world or something? Idaho Special Olympics have been invited for the World special olympics and I got invited to be a partner. There is also an athlete from our area going- Hoagie, he works at the rexburg walmart, so if you see him make sure it give him a a congrats! I found out about two days ago and I am leaving nov 6 for 6 days. It is an all expense paid trip- souveniers everything. I know it sounds lame, but about 3/4 of me doesn't really want to go....I don't want to leave Caity for that long- and John and I haven't even spent a night apart yet so I am going to miss him too...We tried to make it so John could go but it just didn't work out and I want to take Caity with me so bad, but it really wouldn't be fair for her to be put on a wack schedule and to be rushed everywhere. But yeah- I can't beleive in a month I am going to CHINA!!! AHHHH! So crazy.
I know, I know, I need to get pictures of Caity up on the blog. Will do. Someday.

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