Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I like Caity.

I just love my little girl. She is perfect for me. With john gone all day at work, it is so nice to have a little helper and girlfriend.
Things I like about Caity lately:
1- she loves soft things, she loves fabrics and textures. right now she is hugging a fleece blanket while she sleeps.
2- she loves to cuddle, give hugs, and give kisses. Every mom's dream and Dad's future nightmare.
3- she can play with the big kids. a bump in the head doesn't phase her, she loves mimiking what the older kids are doing at the play ground, you can tell she is scared to go down the slide but the peer pressure from the 5 year olds makes her excited and the whole way down she watches them
4- she likes dressing up. we were trying on Christmas dresses in the mall and Caity would come waddling out and give everyone a hug look in the mirrors and smile and twirl and pat the poof of the dress. she likes crowns and jewelery- just the other day I caught her running from her bedroom back to her bath with all her plastic jewelry on so she could look at her reflection in the bath stopper... it is so cute, she is always asking me to do her hair and when I do my make-up she is always wanting some too. I love our girl time.
5-she runs away when I change her diaper...sometimes frustrating but I like it about her,I think it reminds me of something her dad would do...lets hope John never ends up in a retirement home.
6-she sings! I love her singing!
7- she dances! I love her twirling, swaying and squatting and head bopping.
8- i love how she helps me around the kitchen. from loading the dishwasher to cooking to sweeping. she is mommy's helper.

The list could go on forever but I should probably stop...she is just wonderful and I am so grateful to have such a wonderful little friend in my life. I just hope she doesn't get any older. or bigger. Just freeze- got it caity?

Camping...she loves the outdoors
she also waves at everyone she sees.
getting ready for church...
and naturally hanging out in a washing machine.


Caity sweeping on halloween.


Erin and Ron Anderson said...

I just love her! I wish she could have come when you and Brittany came to visit. IT was so good to see you and thank you! I am not joking about us all getting together when you are in town next. Lets have a game night or something and you, John and Brittany can come!

Marcie said...

I love how friendly she is. It was so fun to see her (and you guys) at Thanksgiving. I was loving the attention until she practically jumped out of my arms for Brian. What is that about?

Kristin said...

Oh, Mary, she is so so adorable! It looks like such a fun age...I can't believe how big she's getting!

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