Monday, April 19, 2010

Catch up

So I know- blogging isn't my forte...but here is a bit of catch up for us:

-yay for sunny weather and a park close by! I have loved taking Caity on walks this summer and she is big enough to play on the slides and everything by herself. Everyday is so much fun. Today Caity kept pushing her stroller up and down the sidewalk while I painted our table and John worked on his truck- she would stop occasionally to kiss her baby and put it back and push some more...moral of this bullet point- I love the nice weather!
- John is restoring a '68 GMC truck, pretty much from scratch, it has turned out to be quite the project -he took the GMC body and mounted on a chevy frame with a GMC motor he rebuilt- it has made me quite the widow this spring break, but I am excited for him. He is learning how to weld for the first time too so he is pretty happy about that.

-September will find us in Ogden so I can go back to school to Weber. I can't wait to get back and then get done!
-Caity loves Dogs (doegs)
-My brother, Matt messed up his knee on his Mission in Thailand and is flying home as I type for surgery. It is exactly at his one year mark so unless the surgery goes terribly wrong he will continue to serve the remaining time when he is all healed up.

-Our Computar DIED- the hard drive completely busted and we have yet to be able to get our pictures off...i have lost hope- but it is so sad.
-Overall things are great for us....hope you all are doing well!


Lisa said...

She is so big now! SOOOOOO, I got a new phone and lost all of my numbers since my previous phone was completely busted (this happened back in September) and we need to chat. If you have my number give me a call!

Kayleen said...

Right when you left I had to log on and see your update! It was so great to see you guys! I'm glad you're doing so well and I hope to see more of you this summer. I will drag you to the splash park with me if that's what it takes!

Ian & Cristina said...

Our computer died too! At first it was no big deal. Then I realized ALL the pictures/videos of Atley and Holly are on it.

I feel your pain. Hope it works out for you guys!

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