Saturday, November 6, 2010

YAY!! I found my camera cord!

So despite popular belief....we are not dead. We just lost our camera cord and well, you know how that goes- is it worth blogging about it if there aren't pictures to show the world how incredibly good looking we are? You understand. Just a quick update on all of us though:

John- was lucky enough to find a job our first day down in Ogden, he is just doing roadwork, but we are so grateful to have a job, and he likes it well enough. He is still working on restoring his truck and it is coming along pretty well. He is looking forward to starting classes this Winter.
Caity- is growing up too fast!! she is a little talker and picking up waaaay to much of our mannerisms and dialect. so many times I hear saying, "Oh my gosh...its sooo cute!" or yesterday when she put shoes on the wrong feet she stood up and said "Oh dang it!" and she has kind of been a second mom to her aunts and uncle when ever they get in trouble she always mimics whatever my mother in law says. She loves coloring and just started coloring faces, she loves "reading" her books (really just naming all the letters on every page) and of course she LOVES elmo. I think she is pretty excited to have a baby brother and I think she will adjust well, I will just have to monitor her big sister skills closely to ensure a long mortality rate for baby #2.
Me- Besides the fact that I am HUGE, and feel like walking is less productive than rolling would be, thing are just great. Pregnancy is quite exciting (when not annoying) is fun anticipating the changes that are coming our way. And I love feeling Johnnyboy kicking his legs. School is going really well and I am really enjoying being back in classes.
Johnny- (or as Caity calls him, "Johngee" growing more and more everyday and is more than ready to make his debut in the world.

We found a place in Rexburg and we are pretty excited to get settled up there this december.
That is all I can think of update-wise...and I don't even have a picture to post with this.


The Mele's said...

Yay! I'm so excited that you are still alive! I was wondering how little "Johngee" boy was doing.

I love reading your blog posts. Keep them coming! I can't wait to see you when you come up here to Rexburg again. Not too much longer!

Lisa Lines said...

Mary I love it! I miss your writing. I love the pregnancy update. I love that question, How are you feeling? What are you supposed to say. Large and in charge is how I'm feeling and there's still three months left.

Lauren and Michael said...

Where will you be living when you get back up here?

Alisha said...

Mary!! Are you in Utah right now? If you are, I would love to get together and catch up. It has been what... almost 5 years since I have seen you. Thats crazy! Let me know. Sounds like your family is doing well.

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