Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Collecting Leaves.

I love fall time! Once Caity collected more than "Just three leaves"she brought them inside- a vaccum's worst  nightmare! I started to pick them up the next day an put them in the trash and Caity was instantly hysterical. "My friends! My leave friends! You thrown them away? Baaaaah!" 
Still a touchy subject.
Either I need to be nicer to Caity's leaf friends or I need to get that girl signed up for soccer or preschool or someplace where her friends can talk back to her.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Under the sea...

RIGHT now, as I type this...John is:

 ...except it probably looks a little more like this:

John is going is currently training to be scuba certified! I am pretty excited for him, he has been wanting to be for a really long time so hopefully it is everything he dreamed! (and hopefully he doesn't get eaten by a shark.)(and die.)


For John's birthday I got him a new pair of Basketball shoes, he plays three times a week at like 5:30am, and his old shoes were pretty pathetic.  I thought these pictures showed them off well:
 (no, our bed isn't messy, its your imagination. its running wild, catch it.)
And get this- shoes CAN make all the difference! John can officially dunk now! I don't think he has been able to since high school, so he is pretty happy about that.

 Now, MY gift, I mentioned before John proposed to me again- well, here is the ring! (not so good picture...but you get the idea!) I still think it is romantic when I look down at my hand!

And Monday night, John brought me home a dead one of these:

 Just kidding, it was more like this:
minus the antlers...
But, really- looks like we are going to be serving deer for dinner throughout winter. idea of it makes me a little queasy, but I from what I heard, it was quite the shot- and I am pretty happy for him! And I am pretty grateful for the money we will be saving from the meat.  
So...not your typical roses...but, hey- it is what it is.

Sheep falls

Well, John and I made a goal last week that we would be done with ALL our homework by Friday at 5:00pm so we could spend time together as a family.  And it was seriously the best weekend!  Friday night we went on a date on campus to watch a comedian- it was pretty funny- I especially liked that John lined up the babysitter and everything! (I don't know why that stresses me out)
On Saturday we went on a hike to sheep falls, probably our favorite place in East Idaho.  There was still snow from October's schizo weather, but it was so refreshing!

Caity was so excited when she found out she would be able to use the fishing pole she got for her birthday.

 Johnny boy and I shared some quality Man2Mama time on the hike

 You can't see it, but they are both holding their fishing poles, Caity made a point to let me know fishing was "her and daddy's thing" but I could watch.

 The top of the falls (I didn't get an actual picture of Sheep falls because my battery died. Lame.)

 Well...Caity started out walking....wrapped around her finger, I'm tellin' ya!

 Scopin' the river bank.

The picture that killed my battery...berries...why?

 Of course they ended up choosing a cliff! Crazies. We got this picture on our phone, and I am glad we did- it was so cute seeing those two spend time together.

It was pretty cold by the time we headed home.  We watched a movie and had pizza (my favorite!) that night. It was so much fun just to hang out together. 
Sundays are always nice- especially when this happens after church:

He's not sleeping, just reading.

 And pretty much every day you will fine my kids doing this:

I don't know why I think it is so cute, but I love walking in on them just playing with the kitchen together- you know, Johnny playing with potentially-hazardous-choking-objects and Caity cooking a "grocery bad for lunch, it will be delicious! and Yummy for my health and body!"  Seriously, just seeing them as playmates is a nice moment for a mother.

Monday, October 3, 2011

So here we are in my all time favorite time of year! Things are so busy I am doing everything in my power to enjoy every second of fall until winter scares it away.  John and I are both going to school and that is probably what we find to be the most time consuming.  This is John's last semester! Yay!  Whereas I have....well, forever, for some reason.  Some of our high classes: John's major authors course is focusing on C.S. Lewis, who, is amazing! I am kind of jealous- but mostly just excited for him.  My favorite classes are my drawing class and my marriage course (I just changed my minor to Marriage and Family studies.) As far as drawing goes, I have always wanted to be an illustrator, but lack the basics of portions and volume and shadows and things, it has been a great class to help me get better footing or what not.  I have a class at 8 every morning and one Thursday night and besides that am home pretty much all day with my kids- I feel so grateful.  School is harder to balance but I feel like Caity and Johnny are handling things a lot better- which is kind of a peace of mind for me!

Speaking of thing 1 and thing 2- they bring such life to our home!  Johnny who was once literally petrified of Caity is now her biggest fan.  He just loves her and follows her everywhere (oh yeah, he is crawling now!).  There is nothing like hearing their giggles in the next room.  Johnny loves playing peek a boo with my scarfs, giving high fives and reading books. He is still so sweet- I am so grateful to have that little boy.

Caity is just my little girlfriend. I am always surprised at how much I count on her help with the little things, whether its entertaining her brother or helping me with dinner- she is my little helper.  Our family is reading Mosiah lately and Caity loves King Benjamen, almost as much as Santa Clause. She also has it out for King Noah and tells me she is giong to "kill him."  This worries me a little bit since her cousin's name is Noah- we will have to pull out the Old Testament stat.

Strangely my highlights so far this school year have been getting the kids cleaned up and in their pajamas and headed up to the school to do homework.  Johnny sleeps in his car seat and Caity will just wobble up there with her little backpack and do her homework with us.  We have a good time in that empty computar lab.
I also love just playing in the front yard waiting for John to get home from school and playing catch and drawing pictures on the sidewalk and collecting pretty leaves.

Hopefully we can make some Caramel apples for FHE tonight- oooo, that would be nice! I am excited to enjoy this october with the most important people in my life.  I love being a part of this family.

Friday, September 23, 2011

One year older and wiser too!

John, Caity and I all ended the summer with our birthdays! 

I was first- I turned 24.
My cake John decorated and Caity placed the candles

Caity got me a card

On August 31st John Turned 26! 
I made huckleberry buckle...so good! (I know he looks out of it in this picture...but its the only one I had!)

On September 3rd, Miss Caity turned 3- wow! That is crazy! We went to the zoo and had a little party at the Brassell's house, followed by ANOTHER party at my parent's house. Spoiled Loved little girl.

We also celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary September 8th! For our anniversary John proposed to me again- ring and everything!! (I don't have any pictures of the new ring believe it or not!) Originally, my engagement ring was a wedding band (with the little diamonds and everything.) and I always loved those three diamond rings and well- John surprised me with one! Isn't that sweet? I felt engaged all over again and stared at my hand all day and still find myself using WAY to many hand gestures- it is beautiful and I feel so lucky to have such a sweet husband to think of that!

 I just can't believe how fast time is flying. I look at these pictures and can't believe some day Caity is going to college or something! Time just stop! (after graduation please!)

Speaking of birthdays before I forget! My mom turned 50 yesterday! 

She'll hate me for posting this picture! But again- only one I have! I love my mom...she's my hero.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy Cate

(So I promise we are working heck out of her vocabulary as well as her drama...with that said...)
  • We were at Deseret Book the other day Caity accidentally knocked over some CD's. We bent over to pick them up and Caity kept whispering fiercely, "Ugh! I HATE this place!" I would correct her, but she kept saying it until it was done and then she smiled and said, "Ok! All done!"
  • Yesterday for dinner we had green beans and mac and cheese. Somehow they over-lapped a little bit. Caity got a little frustrated, "What the heck, green beans! Get off my mac and cheese! eh!"
  • Yesterday I walked in on Caity spraying Johnny in the face with a squirt bottle (which she hates) and with every spray they were laughing hysterically. I can just see a couple years from now, Caity convincing Johnny its hilarious to stick a bobby-pin into a socket or something.
  • This morning I was reading to Caity and throughout the story was having her do actions like thump like the bunny, sing like the bird and so forth- she loves it and always does the actions. We got to a point where Honey bunny got lost, and I asked Caity "And then honey bunny cried, can you cry?" She responded with, "No, I already cried yesterday....(pause) I cried in the TV room." Which she did.
I don't what I would do without my sweet Caity.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Summer!

Dear world, I love Rexburg summers!
(aww man!) Blogger is exing my picture request. lame. Blast you blogger.
Guess ya'll will have to use your imagination or look at Brit's facebook since she is the master picture keeper of every adventure.
Some things with us:
  • Went to the St. Anthony sand dunes a couple weeks ago and had a bonfire. It was SO much fun. I tried to impress upon everyone how cool they are if they make themselves trip over the sand dune- but I don't think they were buying it- except maybe Spencer. Who's 11. And Caity whom I have brainwashed into thinking her mom is the coolest thing since Snoais. But hey, I'll take it. It IS cool- ok? John of course managed to get the truck stuck- don't worry he thinks that kind of stuff is fun and two hours later we were able to get out! The poor kids were exhausted- but they were troopers, and the s'mores made it worth it of course!
  • SWIMMING! We have gone to the st. anthony sandbar, egin lake, the BYUI pool and the splash park- it has been fun because it something we can all enjoy together. Johnny just kicks around in his little baby-tube, and Caity with her wings- she loves jumping in the water, but always makes sure to plug her nose (only to let go of it when she jumps.) John usually says he will catch her, only to take a step back- don't worry she lets him know that isn't nice.
  • The city has a lunch in the park weekday afternoons and Caity is always asking to go, its pretty fun. I finally explained to her that we don't go until both hand on the clock are pointing up. So yesterday I walked into the front room at about 9:00am and Caity was jumping around all excited because "Oh my goodness! It's time!" She manually changed the clock to say 12. Pretty innovative.
  • Caity made a new friend. Sarah is referred to as Caity's "Super Special Friend." Her best friends rotate but Sarah has kept her spot as Super Special Friend. I asked her "What about Josh?" (Sarah's husband.) And she responds with, "Oh he's just there sometimes. With Sarah." She said I was her best friend, then corrected herself and Spencer and mommy were her best friends, I asked her "What about Brittany?" She flung herself on her pillow and exclaimed "this is too hard!"
  • We leave for florida in a week!! So excited for the beach and the sun!
Oh, that is all I can think of now....hope you are all having a fun summer.
(checked again, blogger pictures still not working. sorry.)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Update on the Brassells

John- the big one.

Has officially signed up for the LSAT- whoo hoo! Still playing early morning basketball and is still coaching Rigby's special olympics basketball team, we are going to state in a week! He just bought another truck and is working to sell our most recent one. Yes, yes- ANOTHER vehicle to

mark up on our tally board. We made a list on the way to practice today- 22 cars in 4 years! Crazy- huh? Grateful for John's handyman skills- they have really helped us pay it to the man (or the bills.) This MAY not seem like a big deal to all of you, but if you know John you know that him allowing me to go shopping for him is NEWS- like front page kind of news, and I must say he looks handsome in my taste! :) (and in clothes that don't have any leftover manure/paint/spit-

up/oh you know.)


Miss Caity had her first run in with the ER about 2 weeks ago- split open her chin falling off the stake center stage (our little graceful one, she is...) Where was I as she plummeted to her possible death- oh just being a bad mother the other side of the stage. She was very brave and

informed the nurses and doctor that "shhhh...my chin is sleeping." while they stitched her up. She has discovered her love for the city's splash park (even if it took me getting soaked to assure her that the water was not flesh eating acid.) She had an overnighter with her Brassell Grandparents and John and I just weren't sure what to do with ourselves- coming home just isn't as fun without Caity running to the door and exclaiming "Your home! I been missin you!! Mommy(or)Daddy! They home!" I especially laugh when I come home and Caity's lit up face tells me excitedly that "I no listen to daddy! And I had time out and I said sorry and daddy said clean up the milk!! I said OK! (giggle and shrug)" And john is standing behind her looking like I couldn't have come home any later. On the 4th I asked Caity if she could hear the fireworks to which she responded "No, its not fireworks, mom, its guns!" Thanks, Brit. She is crazy, but She makes us happy.

Our Apartment.

(Yes, it deserves an update since it has quite the personality.)

Apartment is feeling more like home every day. She is quite the conversationalist with all her pipe gurgling and wall creaking and I love the company. She still needs to work on that paisley carpeted kitchen and the termites we have recently discovered her hoarding- but she's working on it, so we love her the same. I haven't been able to spend much time on her since we are in school and all but I am hoping the 7 week break will allow plenty of one on one time (more that 3 on 1- counting the kids, but Blue's Clues is on my side making the odds a little better on my side.) Apartment is looking better with her little garden and hanging flowers- even if the flowers are

looking more and more ill daily. Apartment has been a good home to us this first month. We love her (on non-hormonal-the world is out to vex me- days.)

Me- Mary

I am just finishing up this semester and SOOOOO excited for the 7 week

break!! For my English class, I am doing a project on Jane Austin and am falling in love with her writings all over again- such a talented writer. I am hitting the gym at bedtime and it has been a really nice get away. Believe it or not world, Math has not killed me yet. My parents are in the process of moving to Salt Lake- really excited for them, they will live only an hour from John's family- I can't wait. I kind of wish my sewing machine worked...and a friend I have had since my first ward up here (as a newly wed) is moving in a few days across the country- I am pretty sad about it- not sure how I will function without her a couple blocks away. I guess that was college is for though- you come only to go (if only we could get that memo...)


Johnny is eating like a big boy now and has like an autoclock as to when it is time to eat, he is good at making sure we don't forget. It has been fun watching him explore the world more and more every day. Yesterday we went to Egin Lake (a lake that gets not deeper than 1.5 ft and he had so much fun splashing around- and he looked so cute in his swimsuit! Him and Caity usually spend car rides laughing at eachother (or both of them laughing at Caity.) It is fun to see them become such good friends.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Johnny Boy!

Oh that little man just melts my heart! He cries I drop everything to hold him, he smiles I drop everything to smile back, he talks I kiss his cheeks, and lets not even get into what I do to get the boy to laugh! Oh how I love his little man giggle! Now that he is reaching for things and fascinated by his toes, he is becoming more fun to play with and I am so grateful to be his sidekick as he discovers the world. I love playing in front of the mirror with him, I also like reading next to him while he plays with his toys and every so often we take a break from our private entertainment to smile at eachother- I live for those small moments.
He is ALMOST sitting up by himself! And lets see what else is he doing...making the FUNNIEST of faces. Babies are just too much fun.
One difference between him and Caity (which actually makes me a little sad...) he isn't a cuddler! Not at all. He refuses to sleep when I am holding him, he never just rests on my shoulder. Caity ONLY slept when I held her. Even just now I picked him up fast asleep in his crib to trick him into rocking with me. It took about 60 seconds for him to look at me like I was insane and needed to get him back in his crib, woman. John is reading over my shoulder and is explaining to me that its because he's a man. Bummer. He does show his love in other ways.
I am learning every child is different and I love both of mine so much in such different ways. I really appreciate their differences and what their personalities and strengths add to our family.
Johnny and Caity are becoming quite the little pair and nothing makes me happier than seeing them laughing together.

Ps- Blogger is taking forever uploading pictures....baaah!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I know, I know I need to upload pictures or whatever.

Not to bore you with Caity-isms...but having a toddler is too much fun for me to neglect sharing my world with all of you- whether you are sick of it or not! Whahaha....ahem.
So tonight Caity asks to say prayers at bedtime.
She says: "Please bless Jesus to come and bless Santa to help Jesus find my house so he can come. And bless my kitchen so I cookin' for Jesus." Really. Where does she come up with this stuff?

When ever Caity asks, Caity tends to demand. So we are working on manners. Literally every time Caity needs something it goes something like this:
"Mom I want that!"
"Caity, how do we ask?"
"I need to say please. (deep breath) Ok...ok...ok..umm...ok...Mom I please I want that, mom?"
"Sure Caity."
"Cause I say please? I won't no say please again!"

She has also been scolding her friends like a little mom...I don't know how to get her to stop that one, but as much as I hated my parents saying, "Mary, you're not the mom" I find myself saying it to Caity. Every time someone apologizes, she NEVER says "Its ok." she ALWAYS says, "Just don't do again!" while pointing her finger. "You need to be nice!" Manners. Working on it.

To come: John's new "investment." Johnny's laugh. And a general update...and PICTURES (hopefully.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Care Bears

Sooo...Caity has been found the last couple of weeks storming around saying
"Nobody cares about me!"
singing it in songs- even to the tune of "I'm a Child of God", saying it in her prayers, whispering it to Johnny over his crib....everywhere. She will be at play groups and just explain to one of the moms while shrugging, "Nobody cares about me."

John and I had NO idea where she would get this from! And when we would say, "We care about you!" She would respond with, "Just leave me alone!" and she would huff and stomp into her room. We were a little baffled.
Then one day, John was watching Care Bears with Caity. I always figured it was a good show because it helped Caity see that we should be nice, and be a friend.
Well, turns out Caity wasn't looking to the Care Bears for rolemodels...she was looking toward the bad kids. Remember the mean/nice Caity post....also learned from Care Bears! Who woulda' thought?
We have since gotten over that, but how funny! She cracks me up.

Yes, eat cake.

So Caity was making Johnny laugh the other day and I couldn't help but think, "Oh- this is the life!" Then of course Johnny squeals with terror and starts crying pretty loud.
Me- Caity! What happened? What did you do?
Caity- I went like this! (bites her finger.)
Me- Caity, you don't bite people.
Caity- Why?
Me- because it isn't nice and it hurts.
Caity- But Johnny is jus' so CUTE!
Me- It still isn't nice. Do you want me to bite you?
Caity: Nooooo(shaking her head looking at the ceiling.) Cwuz' it hurts!
Me- And Caity, what happens when you hurt your friends?
Caity- I goin in my room.
Me- Alright, since you hurt Johnny you have to go to your room now.
Caity- (Looks infuriated.) But MOM! Johnny isn't my friend, he's my 'brudder'!
Me- Sorry, you still have to go to your room.
Caity- (storms to her room and huffs,) I needn't mean to!

I calm Johnny down and Caity comes out of her room...

Caity- Mom, eat cake, not Johnny?
Me- Yes, eat cake.
Caity: YAY! I gets to eat cake! C'mon mom!
Oh exasperation.
ps- they really are good friends- we're just still learning boundries- I love Miss Caity's personality and I love that Johnny has thus far survived it. (smile)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving on down.

So things are changing once again for the Brassells! Get this- we are MOVING! How exciting! I just love a new adventure. Yes, this is the THIRD move for us in one year- we're crazy, I know. We found an awesome deal of an apartment that just needs some Brassell lovin'- and paint, and new carpet, and lenolium, and an air freshener, and some cleaner, lots of cleaner, and a couple new windows and plenty of plaster and well, you get the idea...although at first we were a little weary about the move we are getting more and more excited every day- and we will save a ton! And as we fix it up, the owner will take it off our rent! So, it will be nice- right? No going back now, so here we come! I will post pictures. (maybe.)
Spring is here! I just feel like this year tulips are God's special gift to me to let me know winter is over- yay! Today I made John pull over so I could smell some blossoms- beautiful.
Caity is loving the new weather as well, she especially likes rolling her window down and sticking her head out the window. Kind of like a dog. There is nothing like looking in that rear view mirror and seeing those little hands waving at all the passing pedestrians. I love her.
Hope all is well for all of you- Happy Saturday night!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Imagination Nation (i made a rhyme!)

Caity told me yesterday she loves her best friend- I was flattered, I told her I loved her too. She informed me I wasn't her best friend. Santa Clause was. Caity has her first imaginary friend. Yesterday afternoon, she told me to please get out of her room, I asked her if I could stay to which she responded, looking away from me, "Santa Clause is it ok if my mom stays? (pause) Gank you Santa! (looks back at me.) Ok- mommy, santa says you stay."
This morning she was deciding between Toy Story and the Chipmunks, she said, "which one..." I said "toy story" She said, "no, I was asking Santa Clause" (in a very nice way, at least) "Oh Santa wants Toy Story, ok." I am losing my pull.
Caity has also been seen opening the front door and saying, "thanks for coming to play, Santa Clause! Come back soon" and waving good bye! So funny.
Does this mean she is lonely?
Yesterday she took me to the "farm" with pigs, chickens, zebras and everything! Her little imagination has been so much fun as it is developing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Basically just Mary

Lately I have just felt so content! I am so grateful for a God who cares about me. Some things that have just made me happy lately:
  • Went to the financial aid office to figure something out, a little nervous that they would say something like, "You're a loser get out of here!" BUT as I walked in one of the Advisors was emailing me! So there was already someone there who knew what was going on with my account and had all the answers I needed. It was just awesome.
  • While I was at school today Johnny wouldn't stop crying. John tried everything, then finally put him in our bed, on my side to see if he missed me smell (it sounds kind of weird written out like this) and I guess he just started laughing and talking to himself until he fell asleep about 3o minutes later- he loves me!! :)
  • Last night during dinner Caity came up to me and gave me a kiss and said, "thanks for making my yummy dinner, mommy!"
  • John. He just always makes me happy. OH! and for mother's day he got me this really cool camera! Like a nice one! He got it off Craigslist for a killer deal, I am so excited!
Something not so hot: Math. Hate it. It hates me. It is going to eat me.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sayings from my mom.

So let me tell you about my hero. My mom. She pretty much rocks. I will always be grateful for the life she has given me through her example, her little lessons and all the many sacrifices.
There are a few things that I will always remember her for, and so many times I hear her voice in my head giving her advice and little "mommisms" So I thought, in light of Mother's day I would enlighten you all...
  • When you are feeling down, you need to serve others. Get out of your self pity and reach out to others.
  • Every person you talk to should feel better about themselves when they walk away. Make the people around you feel their very best.
  • When you hear someone say something bad about you, think of it like they say you have green hair. Do you have green hair? No. And if you did- who cares?
  • Do your best to look your best every morning then when you walk out the door forget about yourself.
  • Make it your job that you have a good time, make things fun for your family, make things fun for your dates, take control of the situation.
  • I KNOW there is more, but of course when I actually try and right them I forget! But I think I think about what my mom would do in any given situation about 3 times a day, she really is my hero. I love her and am so lucky to call her my mom. I am so proud of her.

I am also grateful for my Mother-in-law, she has become such a good friend to me over the last few years and I will always be grateful for her and things she has taught me, especially "You get what you truly want out of life." If you want something bad enough you figure out a way to get it.

I hope I can teach these things to my children.

It makes me think about what my 'mommisms' would be definitely those things I learned from my mom(s) but I also hope my kids will remember I told them to always love the moment they are in, and that if they don't like someone it because don't know them well enough to understand them.

But really- happy Mother's day to all my moms out there...especially my numero uno (that means number one.) My mom. I love you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

4 years ago today...

Four years ago today....John asked me to go on walk. What started as a stroll through Porter Park quickly turned to a journey through life. How romantic. It seems like this time of year all the anticipation comes flooding back to me and I just fall in love all over again.
  • I remember the first thing I said to him, "Nice to meet you"
  • I remember the second thing I said to him, "Hey John, you off to get your social on?" Like it was the wittiest thing ever and he looked at me like I was Moron- though he won't admit.
  • John remembers the third thing I said to him, "Hey we were just talking about you!" He said "Really, cool." I said, "I didn't say it was good." I was like REALLY funny, ok?
  • John remembers the 4th thing I said to him, "You are SO lucky to be walking with me." Like I said, SO funny.
John and I hardly knew eachother but heard a TON about eachother. Everyone seemed to rave about John so I was curious as to what the hype was about- so I kind of stalked him, but only kind of- not the creepy kind. John heard a lot about me too, I was friends with John's sister, Brittany (who played cupid) and had gone on a date or two with his roommate...and we kind of liked eachother but only from afar. I told myself I would never go for it, but I found myself always asking about him and looking for him a crowd just to say "hi." and would get all worked up over it too! haha. John said it was the same for him.
The day he asked me on a walk, President Faust gave a CES fireside, before he started he counciled the men not to take council from their fears. John said that he felt President Faust was talking right to him and thought "I should ask Mary on a walk"- John sat behind me by the way- I dared not look at him of course. The fireside ended about 35 minutes early and President Faust said (roughly) "You know its a beautiful day outside, I think I am going to end early, and encourage you to ask a young lady on a walk." I thought- oh that would be nice if John asked me on a walk....meanwhile John thought- oh great, now I HAVE to do it. My Romeo.
So the fireside ended and I was talking to some friends and John circled our group like a vulture. I tried to step away and say hi but he kept blowing me off- so I figured Ok, he's a punk, he can go walk himself. Actually I was partially devastated that he kept ignoring me.
But he was just nervous. How cute! Awww...anyway, John leaves (and I watch him.)
I keep 'getting my social on.' I finally leave with some friends. We are talking outside of the Hart when out of the corner of my eye I see John and Brit walking past the Tennis Courts in front of Royal Crest (where we lived.) I think it would be cool to "bump" into them and stop in the middle of a sentence and say "but yeah, talk to you later!" and start walking across the cross walk. The guys I was talking to were a little confused and kept trying to talk to me and aske me questions, and I just kept trying to get away from them! Couldn't they see this was NOT a time for manners??
Then one says, "Oh wait, wasn't our apt supposed to come to your place for a pancake party?"
Blast...I forgot about that. "Uh...oh yeah..."
They say, "Ok, we will just come with you then!" NOOOO! How am I supposed to run into John casually and have a more-than-one-syllable-conversation with him with all of you here??
I say, "Uh...yeah, I guess that works." So rude. Oh. I forgot to mention: This is all happening while I am in the MIDDLE of a cross walk with John and Brittany watching me and the guys I was talking to watching me, and the CAR waiting for me to cross watching me all thinking "What the heck is she doing?"
SOOO...we ALL cross the street and run into John and Brittany. I try to act casual. Try to keep it cool. Totally just stand there. John tries to keep it cool. Totally just stutters. The people I am with try to keep it cool- actually they are just trying to make sense of everything. Brittany tries to keep it cool. She just runs away. Wait that doesn't happen for awhile. I finally say, "Hey you guys go ahead." And they do because they are so over my awkwardness. Its just me John and Brit now- I am still silent and John is still stuttering. And Brit is still there. So she senses her timing and says OUT OF NO WHERE "Ok, gotta go. Bye." and blots for her apartment.
I say, "Wait Brittany, I don't want to interupt your walk! Come back!" which i sincerely meant. And I had no idea what I would even talk to john about.
She says, "No, really- I have to go" And keeps running.
John just stands there.
So apparently, when John left The Hart he ran to Brittany's apt and told her to come on a walk with him and to be fast about it (now, anyone who knows John and Brittany can picture how this went down.) So they PLANNED for John and I to meet at the corner and I guess John kept telling Brittany to slow down so the timing was right- how funny! So poor Brittany gets dragged from her apt thrown in an awkward situation just to have John look at her like, "Ok, you can leave now." Leaving me so confused as to why when I said "Hi" to Brittany she ran away. But really- her leaving wasn't that awkward, John and I already enhaled all the awkward fumes of that moment.
So John and mosy after Brittany and he says, "so w-wwwhat are you d-ddoing righ----"
"Uh, you wanna g-g-ggo on----"
"Go on a walk, sure!!"
"Ok, cool."
I swear this was WAAAAY forward for me... I have no idea what got into me.
We start talking about who knows what which leads to three and half hours of more who knows what bliss. (first time we said more than a sentence to eachother.) People playing Frisbee in the park started tallying the times we went around. They stopped and got bored at 43. And we start falling in love.
For the first time ever I felt I was talking to someone I had known my whole life. Time just flew by.
After that first walk I think we both knew where it was going and it went alright...very quickly.
Here are some pics of us dating:
(ABOVE:this is my favorite picture of John from when we were dating- he is so handsome! Earlier that day John totally washed his camera in the laundry so I got him this disposable one, which have some of my favorite pictures on them. Ok, long caption, I know. This was the picture I had on my desk at work while we were apart for 6 weeks I would just sigh and stare and think wow...I am getting married. Weird.)
(ABOVE: this is another favorite. Well, its the only other one I have on this laptop so it is going to have to be the other favorite. We were on our way to Utah for the 4th of July- one of my favorite holidays- heck, they're ALL my favorite! But I just remember being SO happy when we took this- I still am, you know- but I just like remembering this day.)
So four years ago today I met my best friend and love of my life (corny- yeah, whatever.) But really, back then I was so surprised there was someone so made for me and I thought the exact same thing this morning.
And that is why you will always find us walking. Everywhere.
Actually its because our car embarresses us.
haha- just kidding.
But Happy First Walk for Mary and John Day everyone!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a crummy day!

Sooo, this morning started out with an emotional break down. Straight up broke down. For no reason. Imagine the look on John's face as I threw every shirt I own frantically in the air because nothing fits yet...because that is what he woke up to. Psycho wife. His face mirrored the face I would probably make if I encountered a Cobra. He wasn't quite sure how to approach the situation. He asked if I needed a ride to school. I told him I hate school. He looked a little awkwardfied. As he continued to watch my tantrum play out. "You're going to be late for class. Right now isn't a good time to do laundry." (how sweet to give me the benefit of the doubt on that one...totally flipping out. Totally NOT doing laundry)At this point I have snapped. I just felt all the pressure on me at one time and just wanted to break. I felt like as hard I as I was trying I was just failing in every part of my life. No idea what brought these feelings on but Bah! I hate it when I feel that way. School kinda reaked. Yadda yadda yadda- the world was out to get me-yadda yadda yadda- this guy was a complete jerk at the testing center- blah blah...you get the idea. By the time I walk home for the final time that day, I am exhausted.
But I can't help but think, you know, no matter how lame my day is, I get to go home to a family that loves me, and a husband that is willing to sacrifice his time and energy so I can finish my degree. And I am just glad I can go home and be with them.
How could I not smile when this is what I came home to today?
looks normal, Dad at least TRIED to get him dressed, I know all looks normal...
And then you turn Johnny around...And realize his shirt is on backwards.
And this what Caity looked like:
Yes, those are rocks in her shoes.
She is COVERED in dirt!
But so happy.
Definately a day at home with Dad. I am so lucky to have someone like John (the big one) in my life. As cheesy as it sounds- I am just so grateful for him.
I am honestly debating if an education is really worth it. (I know, one post I love it, next post I hate it. Bipolar blogger or whatev.) But really- trying to see the bigger picture and balance a million things and some days my juggling just stinks. So I just throw my shirts everywhere. And tonight I get to put them all away. Great.

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