Friday, January 14, 2011


I realized the reason I am bad blogger is mostly because I am a bad picture I thought I would kind of copy my friend, Erin, who has made it a goal to take a picture every day and post it (she is a pretty stellar photographer so it has been cool to see all her pictures, I am no talented photographer, but it should still be fun.) So now presenting....some moments from my day:

Kayleen, Ezra and Makai came over to play today... Caity and Ezra started dancing and it was the funniest thing! Ezra does the robot and it is so stinkin cute...but I can't ever get videos to upload. Bummer.

Eating their PB and J...I love Ezra's smile here! It was fun to have them over...we will need to do it again soon!

My favorite girl.

"oh no, Horsie fell down!" Caity got this barbie horse for Christmas that can walk by itself and every time it fell down she would look at me with this same face has been a fun toy.

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Kayleen said...

When I saw the date as the title of your post I was so thinking it was a birth announcement! I love the idea of taking pics everyday. I have tried to do that more since I got a new camera because I am just like you when it comes to taking pics..

It was so fun to be over there too! I'm excited for many more fun playdates to come. Ezra was asking me if we could go see Caity again last night.

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