Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, all is well in Brassell land. The rascal is back (she spent a week at Grandma Brassell's) and our house is full of life once again. Man, we missed her. However, I am concerned at all the "help" I am receiving from little miss second-mama. Poor Johnny- Caity is seriously ALWAYS in his face! As soon as he falls asleep "WAKE UP BABY JOHNNY!! ITS NOT NIGHT TIME YET! OK?" It is cute though. Being a mom of two has had its definate ups and definate downs but all in all I couldn't be happier and more grateful for my favorite boy under 25 and my favorite girl.
Now...enough of cheezy
Today's picture:

For FHE we went sledding! Caity of course loved it...I of course kept my sore hiney on the sidelines with the camera...I love how funny kids looked bundled up! Love this picture.

Yes, this is John carrying Caity up the hill by her coveralls...I wish I could have gotten a better picture. handsome! ( In a lifeless blobish no face expressions kind of way.)

Caity wanted to read stories to Baby Johnny...I think Johnny is looking at Caity thinking, "Caity why you smiling so weird?" Or he is just looking off into space.

Well, hope your days are as enjoyable or more so since I was pooped on TWICE today...I hope your days hold more promise than that bowel malfunction.

Happy Monday! Goodbye January and hello month of LOVE!


Kayleen said...

hahaha! I love you! They are so cute! I see a teeny tiny bit of Caity in baby Johnny! Tomorrow??

Kristin said...

Can our sore hineys be friends?? :)

Ron, Erin and Elizabeth said...

Oh he is so so HANDSOME! I hope your hiney gets feelin better soon =)

Lisa Lines said...

Mary Mary!!! He is beautiful! I'm so happy for you. I love how Katy is smothering him with sibling affection. I love the pictures.
Kuji, I can't wait to join the sore hiney club.

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