Friday, February 25, 2011


Smiles can just melt my heart...

Some things that crack me up:

"I'm Taity Brass-ow!"

"Mommy! Whare ARE you? Oh dare you are...shorry! hehe"

"CAT!!! Get out my house, Puhweez!!"

Caity do your awesome dance. "I'm awesome! I'am Awesome! I'm Cool! I'm cool!"

"Daddy, you are HOT!"

Every nap time: "Taity wake up, ice-cream?" and she will continue to ask until I say yes.

"Johnny take a baff? No...Johnny take a POO POO BATH!" (fit of giggles.)

If I am reading to Caity and Johnny is fussy..."Ugh!! QUIET!" Then I give her a look. "Please Johnny, ok? I love you."

(yelling from her bed at night)"I love you mom!" I love you too. "I love you too mommy!" thanks, goodnight. "Be careful mom!" ok thanks. "Your weltome!"

I am "hungreen!"

When I ask Caity to get Johnny a diaper- "Johnny poopoo comin? OK! I go!" I ask her to throw it away " danks!" Caity just throw it away, please. "No, mom- Johnny's disgustin'!" She eventually will but only using two fingers and her head turned the other way.

"mommy, this is so fun!"

When ever she toots, Caity did you toot? "(sheepish smile) no, it was johnny."

"Mommy sleepin?" yes Caity. "Mommy STILL sleepin'?" Yes Caity. until mommy is no longer "sleepin"

"I found Johnny's dinky!" (as in binkie)

Caity and Johnny took a bath together...they won't again in a while...that little thing between his legs it just too tempting for Caity to flick...yes, she flicked his (well, you know what.)

When John is doing homework, "Daddy's payin on the commuter."

"mommy! Santa's on the phone!" I am busy. "Shorry, mommy busy, ok...Mommy! Santa said now!"

"Oh my dosh." "What the heck?" and everything else 2 year olds aren't supposed to say.

I love kids.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random thoughts

  • Right now John is out selling a dryer he fixed. He is so cool.
  • New blog title- cool, or corny?
  • You want to hear a funny story (promise not to judge me, I realize now, it is kind of messed up what I said.) So I am talking to Baby Johnny and Caity comes up and repeats everything I say...and it went a little something like this:
  • Me: "Hi Johnny!"
  • Caity: "Hi Johnny!"
  • Me: "Your so cute, yes you are!"
  • Caity: "Your so coot, yes you are!"
  • Me: "Oh I love you!"
  • Caity "Oh I love you!"
  • At this point I am a little annoyed...I need my space sometimes, you know?
  • Me: "You are stupid, yes you are!"
  • (I said don't judge me, I just wanted to see what Caity would do.)
  • Caity: "No mommy, Johnny not stooopid, Johnny coot."
  • She is smarter than I thought.
  • Should I get in the shower? Probably...
  • My kitchen floor REALLY needs to be mopped.
  • I gave the Wiggles another chance today...still not a fan. And its not that they are cheezy, I can do cheezy...but I really can't watch them sing "Away in a Manger" with Jazz hands again...they. are. weird. Caity loves 'em though.
  • Speaking of which, lately I have been on a negative streak- I really need to work on that. You know, the whole glass half full concept.
  • Just finished the book, "The Hiding Place" Probably one of my favorite books ever. Really.

And there is my brain waves at the moment.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day

(what is vday without a pink tutu, an overabundance of jewelry and a doll that sings an exteremely obnoxious Valentine's day song that I totally have memorized...)

Valentine's Day was pretty low key at our house. Caity and I made pink donuts for Breakfast, and I decorated our table in everything pink and red I could find, and hung hearts from the ceiling to which Caity exclaimed, "Oh my Dosh! Heart Surprise Table!" Which made it worth it. We made Valentines for Caity's friends which by the time we were done I was too tired to deliver...blast, sorry kiddos. I made John a scrap book of all the notes and things I have made or written John since we have been married (they have previously been stored in a big bucket.) He liked it, or at least he was a good sport if he didn't. It was fun making, and brought back a ton of memories. John brought me home a beautiful bouquet of Magenta roses and Caity a pink rose which she mutilated doing the flower dance and singing "The Dad Gave me a flower Song" That goes something like "Daddy gave Caity a Flower! Daddy gave Caity a flower! Pretty Flower! Daddy Happy!..." and so forth.
We spent the afternoon walking through farmer feilds freshly sprayed with manure in search of John's lost wallet. Romantic, you know? And because we are REALLY cool we crashed at like 7:45pm. But all in all a good day. Any day in which pink and red totally go together is bound to be a good day.

Right now...

John is in his American Lit Class

The Little Man is asleep:
Caity is singing "The Happy Song" that goes something like this: "Happy, happy, happy, happy Happy, HAPPY, happy." With the occasional "Happy Baby Johnny happy Mommy, Happy Daddy, happy happy..." She is singing this while getting her baby Johnnys ready for a walk around the house:

Isn't she the cutest? (...)
I am wearing my super cool lamb slippers that John thinks are grandma slippers- when in reality they really are super cool....I love them.

(and I am writing on our blog, of course.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 week check up

Johnny went in for his 2 week appointment. The good news is that he is still alive. He is a healthy growin' boy.
Here are his measurements and his percentile in comparison to other babies his age:
Hieght: 24 inches 100%
Weight: 10 pds 6 oz. 98%
Head: 14 inches 95%
So....he's a big boy. And his 4 day appointment he weighed 8pds 1oz. So yes, in 10 days he gained like 2 and half pounds!! I can't beleive how big he is getting....and I can't beleive how many pictures I have of him in the same outfit making "the same face" (as John says.) and I just love every one and want to bore the world with them! But I restrained and narrowed it to three.
The last one is Johnny with his friends Caity introduced him to. Their names are baby Johnny too. How fun.
I just love the second one- I just want to cuddle with him...I love his chunky little cheeks- I think he looks a little more like me than John- my face kind of chunks like that too.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Johnny Comin'!

Don't even worrry Caity lays down next to me. Bloats her stomach. Breathes in and out rapidly. and says, "Oh man! Baby Johnny comin'!" What? "Mommy! Hold my feets! Hold it tighter!!" Still breathing rapidly mind you. And yes, she then started grunting and yes, pushing. Awkward. I swear she was in the labor and delivery room for like an hour. MAYBE two. What a weird girl.

Now the foot thing:
When I would get a strong contraction I would ask John to squeeze either my foot or hand...why my foot? I don't know. I am strange that way I guess, but just trying to get the pain focused somewhere else.
Well, while John was squeezing my hand, here is Caity squeezing my foot, making me laugh, making the contraction even harder, making me want to kick her. Look who decided to wake up!

Love this little guy.

Dare I go into her feeding her babies? Just crossing my fingers her new learned skill doesn't make it to nursery.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Update

Well, thing 1 and thing 2 are asleep right now and I feel like the world is my oyster...except I don't even like oysters, so lets make the world my arby's value chocolate shake...mmm...much better. So here's a little of what everyone is up to:

Little John, Johnny, Johnny5, Little man, LJ....or whatever you want to call, I sure as heck don't. besides plain "adorable" that is (moms can say that.) Here's a low down of what Johnny has been up to the last few days:

More Sleeping...
And more sleeping...

When he isn't sleeping he is typically eating (we will leave out those pictures.) Some little things I like about Johnny though- he likes being held, not in the fussy baby hold me or I will scream kind of way but you can just tell he likes being held and loved. He has the cutest "smiles." He smells good. He has peed on me a couple times, and I think it is just the funniest thing in the world (don't quote me on that...) He tolerates Caity very well. I also like that I get to dress a baby in dinosaurs, cars, and anything blue.

Caity...Oh Caity.
Caity is loving being a big sister and always makes sure I know Johnny is her little brother. "MY wittle brover." The other day I was doing my hair (which is a miracle.) and I hear Johnny gaggle the weirdest cry: "Caity what are you doing?" "Nuffin, Mom!" Right. I walk in on her in Johnny's bassinet, straddling him trying to shove a binkie in his mouth. Later I walked in to check on Johnny to find a stool next to his bassinet with lotion all over his hair, eyes, ears, you name it: "Caaaaity?" "Yeah, Mom?" "Did you put lotion on Baby Johnny" "yeah...(steps on stool) he looks so pritty! He likes it mommy!" Then today John said he left the baby on our ottoman and came back after throwing a diaper away to find Caity on the ottoman and Johnny crying under our couch. John picked him up and he had the cutest little pout I have ever seen and he just wimpered: "Caity, did you push Johnny off?" "No, dad, I was juss helppin' Johnny likes it, Daddy."

She got a package from my mom including a little doll from the Roths back home. The doll sings a valentine song in a highly annoying (yet cute) voice and says things like "you're my super special valentine!" to which Caity responds, "no, your MY super special balenting!" Needless to say...they are best friends.

(Caity and her doll...yes, she is whereing those shoes with her pajamas and yes, she tried wearing them to bed.)

John- the big one.

(insert cute picture of John holding Johnny which John made me take off because he didn't like it.)

John has been gone all day trying to catch up on school after dealing with his psycho-give-me-sleep-or-give-me-death-wife this weekend...he has been working pretty hard, and so far is keeping with the straight A's...I'm so proud. He picked up a little ford truck for $250 last week that needs a little work but is drivable and he is pretty stoked (even though when we were first dating he told me he would never drive a small truck.) He loves having another man in the house and because johnny is so chill in comparison to Caity he makes sure to let me know John is HIS child and while Caity is flinging herself on her bed in the depths of despair she is MY child.
(I don't have any pictures of myself.)
I am feeling pretty good. I deep cleaned my kitchen and front room this morning (by this morning I mean, all day on account of 2 hour projects take like 10 hours.) Needless to say by the time I was finished both my children were ready for mommy time...which is so much nicer in a clean house. And I am proud of myself that I finished it...and that is about the jist of my life today. (Besides smelling like rotten milk and feeding my two year old cookies for breakfast.)
So there are the happenings in Brasselland....hope you all are having a wonderful tuesday.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Next time I am dressing up for Walmart.

This is what John and I looked like going to Walmart Saturday night:
(I'm the one on the right.)
This is who we ran into:
(the whole blasted world.)
No kidding...we ran into EVERYONE!!! To say Caity's hair was unruly is an understatement, to say we working the isles like supermodels would a dramatic overstatement...last time I hit up Walmart after a day like that thinking I won't see anyone.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The worst of times make the best of times

I don't even know where to start. I can't beleive it was only two weeks ago I was waddling with a swollen belly awaiting the arrival of the little man. It feels like years. Though friends still tell me he looks like a fresh newborn, I can't help but think how much the little guy has grown. And though friends tell me how big Caity is getting I can't help but think how little and precious she is.
These last few weeks have been full of so many mini obstacles and trials, emotional days, painful days, hormonally snappy to my family days, sleep deprived days, messy house-dirty hair-everyone in pajamas watching movies all day- days...Days where I have wondered where God was, if he was listening to me. Days where I wondered if I had what it took to be a mother. Days I found myself questioning if I had enough faith. And dare I go into the nights? As Johnny's arrival drew closer, I felt prepared to meet the challenges I had when Caity was born, but of course a new set of weaknesses have surfaced with the new delivery, and a new set of frustrations and well...I guess new self-discovery.
Although I felt challenged in a way I hope to never be again, and would never relive some of the moments of the last few days; I couldn't be more grateful.
On those days of unexplainable, uncontrollable emotion
I am so grateful
for my husband's hugs. Sometimes just being held
makes everything better.
On the days of snapping at my family
I am so grateful
for Caity laughing at me...even if it did make more upset
at the time.
I am grateful when I told her to leave me alone and to go away she would counter in a very serious voice, "No, Mommy....Taity wants to cuddle. Mommy wants Hugs."
I am grateful
for the days when I questioned if God cared
for a little boy that looked at me with heaven's eyes
and told me, "Yes, he is listening."
I am grateful for this new addition.
He has been our little breath of heaven.
Although everything seems it should add up to a terrible week, I just can't help but be so happy. Why? Because this is where I am supposed to be. I know that. I am so happy to be a mother. I am so happy to be a wife. There are some things I have gained a greater testamony of these last two weeks. First, marriage is between a husband and wife, it is eternal and real. We are here for a reason, I know the plan of salvation is the plan of happiness and joy. I know the priesthood is a real authority to act in God's name. I am so grateful my husband has the priesthood. I know God answers prayers, sometimes when we are in the heat of the moment it is hard to see, but I am so grateful for His timing and trusting me to endure through trials so I can be better. I know families are forever and I am so grateful for mine. They are my joy. I know the scriptures are the words of God and that through reading them our faith can grow. Christ lives. He is my Savior. I know the atonement is real. I hope I can be the mother these little angels need. I hope I can be half the mother I had. What a wonderful time to be alive! I know as we follow God's council and the promptings of the spirit we can find true happiness. I know God is our Father. I am so happy to know these things.
I am so happy:
to be in love
to have a little girl who's laugh makes me laugh
a little boy who snuggles into my neck when he is ready to sleep
that I married my best friend...and better yet, that he is so cute!
I am just so happy dreams really do come true.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

One more...

So I couldn't finish off today withou this last picture...Caity's first people!! I know it could be annoying to hear (or read, I guess) me gush about my amazingly talented daughter...but really... I just think it is SO COOL that she drew a picture of our family! It is just a really cool milestone for me. And I don't know, maybe it is like old news for a two year old to draw people, but I don't care- my daughter's an artistic genius. This is my blog and I can say so if I want.

(Daddy is the tall one...caity is one to the left, and one more to the left is mommy, and that scribble in the upper left is johnny. And Ezra is to the right of Daddy.)

Special Shout out to the Johnsons for making this super cool chalktivity table...probably my favorite thing in Caity's room...Thanks Lincoln!

Well, I will soon be accepting orders for portraits...until then...good night and good riddance (don't even know how to spell riddance...)


Today and Last night

Caity, the photographer: "Ok, Barbie- say cheese! Oh SOO preety!"

Me and my lovely little ones...not the loveliest hair day, but I just loved this moment

Is anything more precious than a sleeping baby?

Love her.

I got an amazing wife!!

To Mary, and all those other crazy moms out there, from John and everyone of your husbands,

You spending the majoirty of the night, while I lay alseep, feeding the baby every hour. You are crawling back and forth in and out of bed, only to crawl back into bed at 6 am to be awaken by the 45 minutes later by the door being thrown open and a high pitch sound yelling "Caity's awake!" Not only do you get out of bed, you tell her how excited you are to see her and sit down on the floor to color, play break the ice, elfefun, or whatever she wants, only breaking to return to the rocking chair and feed the little man. You make her breakfast, feed the baby,wash clothes, feed the baby, take them to the library, feed the baby, and somehow have the house spotless when I return to you feeding the baby. Somehow you are still excited to be alive and even smile when you see me, knowing deep inside that within the next couple hours you could be anywhere, doing anything from digging a car out of the snow, to driving to Boise to get a truck. haha. You are amazing. I tell you all the time, your only job in this house is to love me, but you never listen.

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