Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Baby Johnny Comin'!

Don't even worrry Caity lays down next to me. Bloats her stomach. Breathes in and out rapidly. and says, "Oh man! Baby Johnny comin'!" What? "Mommy! Hold my feets! Hold it tighter!!" Still breathing rapidly mind you. And yes, she then started grunting and yes, pushing. Awkward. I swear she was in the labor and delivery room for like an hour. MAYBE two. What a weird girl.

Now the foot thing:
When I would get a strong contraction I would ask John to squeeze either my foot or hand...why my foot? I don't know. I am strange that way I guess, but just trying to get the pain focused somewhere else.
Well, while John was squeezing my hand, here is Caity squeezing my foot, making me laugh, making the contraction even harder, making me want to kick her. Look who decided to wake up!

Love this little guy.

Dare I go into her feeding her babies? Just crossing my fingers her new learned skill doesn't make it to nursery.


The Shabby Vanity said...

He is soooo cute, Mary! I love his facial expressions! Darling!

I love reading your blog. I don't know how many times I say that to you. but iT"s true!shkd kfheoih

(that last part was lil jed saying hi)

The Schultz Family said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I would *LOVE* to be the Nursery Leader who saw Caity breast-feeding a baby doll. Don't worry Mary, if it does show up in Nursery, I'm sure it'll make those ladies' day. :) Johnny 5 has such pretty blue eyes. Do you think they'll stay that way? I don't think I ever stared deeply enough into John's eyes to remember what color they are....

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