Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random thoughts

  • Right now John is out selling a dryer he fixed. He is so cool.
  • New blog title- cool, or corny?
  • You want to hear a funny story (promise not to judge me, I realize now, it is kind of messed up what I said.) So I am talking to Baby Johnny and Caity comes up and repeats everything I say...and it went a little something like this:
  • Me: "Hi Johnny!"
  • Caity: "Hi Johnny!"
  • Me: "Your so cute, yes you are!"
  • Caity: "Your so coot, yes you are!"
  • Me: "Oh I love you!"
  • Caity "Oh I love you!"
  • At this point I am a little annoyed...I need my space sometimes, you know?
  • Me: "You are stupid, yes you are!"
  • (I said don't judge me, I just wanted to see what Caity would do.)
  • Caity: "No mommy, Johnny not stooopid, Johnny coot."
  • She is smarter than I thought.
  • Should I get in the shower? Probably...
  • My kitchen floor REALLY needs to be mopped.
  • I gave the Wiggles another chance today...still not a fan. And its not that they are cheezy, I can do cheezy...but I really can't watch them sing "Away in a Manger" with Jazz hands again...they. are. weird. Caity loves 'em though.
  • Speaking of which, lately I have been on a negative streak- I really need to work on that. You know, the whole glass half full concept.
  • Just finished the book, "The Hiding Place" Probably one of my favorite books ever. Really.

And there is my brain waves at the moment.

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