Friday, February 25, 2011


Smiles can just melt my heart...

Some things that crack me up:

"I'm Taity Brass-ow!"

"Mommy! Whare ARE you? Oh dare you are...shorry! hehe"

"CAT!!! Get out my house, Puhweez!!"

Caity do your awesome dance. "I'm awesome! I'am Awesome! I'm Cool! I'm cool!"

"Daddy, you are HOT!"

Every nap time: "Taity wake up, ice-cream?" and she will continue to ask until I say yes.

"Johnny take a baff? No...Johnny take a POO POO BATH!" (fit of giggles.)

If I am reading to Caity and Johnny is fussy..."Ugh!! QUIET!" Then I give her a look. "Please Johnny, ok? I love you."

(yelling from her bed at night)"I love you mom!" I love you too. "I love you too mommy!" thanks, goodnight. "Be careful mom!" ok thanks. "Your weltome!"

I am "hungreen!"

When I ask Caity to get Johnny a diaper- "Johnny poopoo comin? OK! I go!" I ask her to throw it away " danks!" Caity just throw it away, please. "No, mom- Johnny's disgustin'!" She eventually will but only using two fingers and her head turned the other way.

"mommy, this is so fun!"

When ever she toots, Caity did you toot? "(sheepish smile) no, it was johnny."

"Mommy sleepin?" yes Caity. "Mommy STILL sleepin'?" Yes Caity. until mommy is no longer "sleepin"

"I found Johnny's dinky!" (as in binkie)

Caity and Johnny took a bath together...they won't again in a while...that little thing between his legs it just too tempting for Caity to flick...yes, she flicked his (well, you know what.)

When John is doing homework, "Daddy's payin on the commuter."

"mommy! Santa's on the phone!" I am busy. "Shorry, mommy busy, ok...Mommy! Santa said now!"

"Oh my dosh." "What the heck?" and everything else 2 year olds aren't supposed to say.

I love kids.


Erin Anderson said...

Haha she is so cute! So is he...He looks a lot like you. I love all the things she is saying. I love the "What the heck" Lizzy says "Oh, Shoot" I am not sure what to thin of it but atleast its not a swear word!

Meredith Carlile said...

You're kids are so cute. All those Caity quotes were seriously making me laugh. I love the things kids say and how they say them!

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