Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Update

Well, thing 1 and thing 2 are asleep right now and I feel like the world is my oyster...except I don't even like oysters, so lets make the world my arby's value chocolate shake...mmm...much better. So here's a little of what everyone is up to:

Little John, Johnny, Johnny5, Little man, LJ....or whatever you want to call, I sure as heck don't. besides plain "adorable" that is (moms can say that.) Here's a low down of what Johnny has been up to the last few days:

More Sleeping...
And more sleeping...

When he isn't sleeping he is typically eating (we will leave out those pictures.) Some little things I like about Johnny though- he likes being held, not in the fussy baby hold me or I will scream kind of way but you can just tell he likes being held and loved. He has the cutest "smiles." He smells good. He has peed on me a couple times, and I think it is just the funniest thing in the world (don't quote me on that...) He tolerates Caity very well. I also like that I get to dress a baby in dinosaurs, cars, and anything blue.

Caity...Oh Caity.
Caity is loving being a big sister and always makes sure I know Johnny is her little brother. "MY wittle brover." The other day I was doing my hair (which is a miracle.) and I hear Johnny gaggle the weirdest cry: "Caity what are you doing?" "Nuffin, Mom!" Right. I walk in on her in Johnny's bassinet, straddling him trying to shove a binkie in his mouth. Later I walked in to check on Johnny to find a stool next to his bassinet with lotion all over his hair, eyes, ears, you name it: "Caaaaity?" "Yeah, Mom?" "Did you put lotion on Baby Johnny" "yeah...(steps on stool) he looks so pritty! He likes it mommy!" Then today John said he left the baby on our ottoman and came back after throwing a diaper away to find Caity on the ottoman and Johnny crying under our couch. John picked him up and he had the cutest little pout I have ever seen and he just wimpered: "Caity, did you push Johnny off?" "No, dad, I was juss helppin' Johnny likes it, Daddy."

She got a package from my mom including a little doll from the Roths back home. The doll sings a valentine song in a highly annoying (yet cute) voice and says things like "you're my super special valentine!" to which Caity responds, "no, your MY super special balenting!" Needless to say...they are best friends.

(Caity and her doll...yes, she is whereing those shoes with her pajamas and yes, she tried wearing them to bed.)

John- the big one.

(insert cute picture of John holding Johnny which John made me take off because he didn't like it.)

John has been gone all day trying to catch up on school after dealing with his psycho-give-me-sleep-or-give-me-death-wife this weekend...he has been working pretty hard, and so far is keeping with the straight A's...I'm so proud. He picked up a little ford truck for $250 last week that needs a little work but is drivable and he is pretty stoked (even though when we were first dating he told me he would never drive a small truck.) He loves having another man in the house and because johnny is so chill in comparison to Caity he makes sure to let me know John is HIS child and while Caity is flinging herself on her bed in the depths of despair she is MY child.
(I don't have any pictures of myself.)
I am feeling pretty good. I deep cleaned my kitchen and front room this morning (by this morning I mean, all day on account of 2 hour projects take like 10 hours.) Needless to say by the time I was finished both my children were ready for mommy time...which is so much nicer in a clean house. And I am proud of myself that I finished it...and that is about the jist of my life today. (Besides smelling like rotten milk and feeding my two year old cookies for breakfast.)
So there are the happenings in Brasselland....hope you all are having a wonderful tuesday.


Dixie said...

I love how much you're blogging these days Mary! It's inspiring me to start up again. I just love the little Caity quotes. She is a crack up.
ps. it's also good to know that feeding your toddler junk food for breakfast every once in a while doesn't just happen in our house. :)

Kayleen said...

hahahaha to all of it! Poor Johnny is suffering the consequences of being a little brother. It's harder with older girls from what I read because they try to "help" more than older boys. Good luck! You can never safely leave them alone. let's play.

Laura said...

Are we living the same life right now?

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