Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome Spring!

You know what my favorite part of Spring is? Snow!! Except not really...but today I was really excited for it and made Caity go outside with me and make a snow man while we waited until daddy got home "from cool"...well, he was late and so I just kept creating (despite my child telling me she was too cold to "play snowman anymore" lame.)
Anyway...Meet the Brassells:

(above: the creators. Caity SO took all the credit. girl, please. ummm- not to point out my pathetic auora, but look how totally stoked I am...seriously...I should be embaressed. but I'm not. because I still haven't the enough hindsight to realize what a loser I am)

Momma Brassell- I wish my hair was that cool. Papa Brassell
"Taity Brassow" Such a likeness.
And Little John
TOTALLY thought Caity was giving her snow-counterpart a kiss.
Negative. Just TOTALLY eating her nose. I am trying to think of something witty to say about Frostbite, but it is past my bedtime.
He loves me. Because I am cool. Right hon'?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Foiled again

Was about to post an update...only to hear a toy keyboard in the next room. First one note, then another, then a full out scale, now she is playing the memo button. And my day commences.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Because we're cool....

Why Johnny opts to sleep all day is beyond me...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yesterday was a good day

So the best thing about Fridays is that John doesn't have class until 9:00am so he typically takes the morning shift with the kiddos and momma gets to sleep!..... Well, John was sick, so I covered for him- so scratch that first statement (bummer.) But we DID get to have breakfast together- which doesn't seem to happen to often now a days, and that turned out being the best part of yesterday's Friday. I love when I get unexpected time with John.

On top of that, somehow I managed to get the last room clean in my house before the first one I cleaned got dirty again- also a rare occasion now a days. It was kind of "warm" so we got to play outside- and Caity made sure not to step on any cracks (thank goodness who KNOWS what I would do with a broken back!) AND we made cookies- yes!
Later John and I thought it would be fun to have a double date with Johnny and Caity...but John had to finish his homework first, its just that Caity and I were really way too excited.
So while Caity was bugging Johnny:
(her face isn't dirty...its your computar...)

I was bugging John (I only look slightly psycho...)

John said us, girls needed to leave the boys alone and "burn some energy" or whatever, so we made a fort MANSION...and Dad got jealous and raided our dinosaur cave (which was really rude because no boys are allowed...not even Johnny got to come in.)
THEN we finally got to get ready to go, so I put Johnny in his car seat (he was excited too.)

Can you beleive a month and half ago he looked like this?:
awwww... well anyway,
We went to Fat Cats, a family fun center place here in town that is really more like a college student fun place, but whatev! We're both, so we got to have double fun. This is Caity when we first got there...I think she was a little over stimulated by the outside world on account of we have spent the last two months home bound:
My boys!
(Insert picture of Johnny and John that John made me take off because they both looked a little stoned...)

Caity bowling with Daddy-o

She loved bowling:
Soooo, if we are ever at a place with an arcade, Momma gets to play daddy at ski ball- I don't know what it is but I have a really odd obsession with ski ball- like I love it! Maybe because when I would got to Chukie Cheese with my brothers as a child it was the only game I could get tickets at...anyhow I kind of rocked and won 32,000 to 7,000- thank you very much.
(no- YOU'RE pathetic.)
(and John plays cause he likes it...not just to humor his NOT PATHETIC wifey.)
And if mom got to roll balls into little holes then Caity got to kick it with Kermit:
(She loves this ride...)

Then, we hit up Craigo's (I mean the pizza pie cafe or whatever...) and ordered our usual: pepporoni with BBQ sauce on half and Alfredo on the other....(no YOU'RE weird.) Then, we came home and listened to the BYU game while getting the kids ready for bed- which BYU won! And Jimmer Freddette got 52 points! crazy... And of course we had to end the day with an episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" (John is OBSESSED...) And then we (well..I) spent all night awake with a hyper baby while John was up all night coughing and being sick. Some day I can't wait until I am Dad and I am allowed to be sick. (Just kidding...) (kind of...) (no, really- John is tough he is out spreading cow maure as we speak- what a guy.)

Today John's childhood friend is coming to visit from Florida so that should be a lot of fun- we are pretty excited. Hope you all have a pleasant weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A picture says 1000 words

Caity, smile!

That works too.

Sick Babies

Well, Johnny Boy got it first...Caity was determined to nurse him back to health. She sat next to his bassinet looking so concerned coaching me on what Johnny needed, she rubbed his head and hushed him, she read him stories in her bed ("Cwuz, mom- Johnny's bed is shick."):
And I knew it was only a matter of time before she would get it: So we have been all hanging out with the humidifier making our front room a jungle, actually a tad stuffier than a jungle- John says he walks in our house and starts feeling sick. DOn't they just look miserable? Caity actually sat through an entire princess movie...and the credits...and the behind the scenes of Sleeping Beauty- and it distracted her pretty well from her bug.
This is how I spent majority of yesterday:
By the afternoon, Caity's temperature reached 101.6 and Johnny was wheezing and coughing and what not, so I gave the doctor a call and they wanted to see the kiddos pretty much right away. But in the mean time, Caity was too sick to go to her bed and fall asleep and so she would just fall asleep where ever she happened to sick still for more than a few seconds, while I was feeding Johnny she crashed on our spare bed...My husband John thought this was pretty funny and took advantage of the situation:

Oh memories! Well, Caity has TWO ear infections, Johnny has RSV and I have been sentenced to another few days in "the sick house." Not to mention their med's side effects- Johnny's causes him to be hyper and Caity's causes diarehha...sweeeeet. So of course this morning I woke up with a sore throat. Blast...moms aren't supposed to get sick- hopefully it doesn't really progress.
On a more positive note- Caity just wants to be held...I love it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

As a newborn something in John's brain instructed him in order to maintain his YY chromosomes he needed a truck. (and a gun...and baggy pants for that matter.) He had TWO really nice dodge dakotas in high school (one for off roading, and one for racing, of course.) which he sold and the profit paid for his mission- sweet huh? With our wedding money he bought a 1955 Ford pick up to fix and sell (which he did- he's kind of a stud that way.) Months later he owned "Tank"- an old black chevy on 38" tires that we took off roading and has bought and sold 3 other trucks since then. (For the record- he finds all these trucks for pretty cheap, fixes them, plays with them and sells them and with the profit pays our rent among other things...its actually pretty cool how he always manages to work things out.)

Here is a picture of the truck John is currently trying to restore:
Actually, I am lying...that is just the dream (the paint, lift and tires anyway- he shows me this picture at least once a week so I can see his vision) Here is the real truck:

Look familiar Peterson Pointe neighbors? has been quite the project and seems to just repeat itself over and over again (in my mind...) There may or may not have been times the truck has been pieced out in between apt buildings resembling a junk yard somewhat- and on such occasions I would tell John to put his welding mask on when neighbors drove by- I'm just kidding...actually I am not, I really did tell him that. But I AM pretty proud of him and how hard he has worked. It has taken a lot of time and days covered in mud, grease and oil- and he truck STILL isn't running. (well, it WAS running at some point, but for some reason stopped...don't ask me, actually don't ask John either- it makes him a little cranky.)
Anyway, two years in the running and John is getting a little worn out. So when he saw on Craigslist the EXACT truck running, fully assembled on 35's down in Spanish Fork- he was in love. He called the guy selling it, who said he would hold it for us.
We both woke up the next morning feeling really uneasy about the whole thing. We talked about it, for like ever, and as John was texting the guy that he couldn't get it- I started having second thoughts...John worked SO hard and I really felt like he deserved it and he would be able to pay most of it off selling he old truck. So I was the evil one that went against the promptings of the spirit and John took courage in my foolishness (could ya blame him?) and we justified everything thinking the only reason we felt uneasy was because we didn't pray about it- I know it doesn't make sense now.
So we packed the kiddos and headed on down.
I have really learned to love road trips...why? Let me show you:

Anywho: we drove ALL the way down there. Guy selling the truck was shady, the truck had TONS of rust (we were told otherwise) Guy moved the truck to hide all the oil stains underneath, and wiped the oil build up underneath the car, Automatic steering went out. He couldn't tell us this 6 hours ago knowing we were coming all the way down? Especially since he said it was no big deal we didn't buy it because he had 6 people lined up all ready and prepared to buy it if we didn't. Blast...hard lesson learned.
John had to try and catch up in his classes the drive home...yes he let me drive (I am a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.) We were out the money paid for gas. The night we spent in Utah consisted of Caity climbing into our bed over and over again- we got about 2 hours of sleep...anyway- next time we aren't going to second guess those little whisperings of the spirit, because chances are, they know what they are talking about.
Hopefully our new neighbors don't mind an old truck being tinkered with in their parking lot by a really attractive man named John.

Friday, March 4, 2011

happenings at our house

Oh things have been busy here, but when aren't they? I have a couple of sick kids....I have a love hate relationship with sickness- I hate hate HATE seeing my children miserable and not being able to make it go away, however; I love snuggling and them needing me for comfort (sometimes moms just need to be needed, I've decided.)
I live for when he falls asleep while I am holding him
It cracks me up when I walk in on Caity playing with her kitchen. "I'm juss cuttin' my hot dog, mom. It SO yummy!"
John and Caity have special bonding times...scaring eachother, pillow fights and bugging mom while she feeding Johnny.

Aren't they handsome?
I love his smile.

I feel like I am getting used the swing of things, (finally!) I can pretty much predict the schedule of my day...which is so nice. I can't think of what else is new...well, we went on a road trip, but I will save that for its own post. Life is great here, the snow is melting, the baby is sleeping and toddler is cracking us up- life is good.

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