Sunday, March 6, 2011

As a newborn something in John's brain instructed him in order to maintain his YY chromosomes he needed a truck. (and a gun...and baggy pants for that matter.) He had TWO really nice dodge dakotas in high school (one for off roading, and one for racing, of course.) which he sold and the profit paid for his mission- sweet huh? With our wedding money he bought a 1955 Ford pick up to fix and sell (which he did- he's kind of a stud that way.) Months later he owned "Tank"- an old black chevy on 38" tires that we took off roading and has bought and sold 3 other trucks since then. (For the record- he finds all these trucks for pretty cheap, fixes them, plays with them and sells them and with the profit pays our rent among other things...its actually pretty cool how he always manages to work things out.)

Here is a picture of the truck John is currently trying to restore:
Actually, I am lying...that is just the dream (the paint, lift and tires anyway- he shows me this picture at least once a week so I can see his vision) Here is the real truck:

Look familiar Peterson Pointe neighbors? has been quite the project and seems to just repeat itself over and over again (in my mind...) There may or may not have been times the truck has been pieced out in between apt buildings resembling a junk yard somewhat- and on such occasions I would tell John to put his welding mask on when neighbors drove by- I'm just kidding...actually I am not, I really did tell him that. But I AM pretty proud of him and how hard he has worked. It has taken a lot of time and days covered in mud, grease and oil- and he truck STILL isn't running. (well, it WAS running at some point, but for some reason stopped...don't ask me, actually don't ask John either- it makes him a little cranky.)
Anyway, two years in the running and John is getting a little worn out. So when he saw on Craigslist the EXACT truck running, fully assembled on 35's down in Spanish Fork- he was in love. He called the guy selling it, who said he would hold it for us.
We both woke up the next morning feeling really uneasy about the whole thing. We talked about it, for like ever, and as John was texting the guy that he couldn't get it- I started having second thoughts...John worked SO hard and I really felt like he deserved it and he would be able to pay most of it off selling he old truck. So I was the evil one that went against the promptings of the spirit and John took courage in my foolishness (could ya blame him?) and we justified everything thinking the only reason we felt uneasy was because we didn't pray about it- I know it doesn't make sense now.
So we packed the kiddos and headed on down.
I have really learned to love road trips...why? Let me show you:

Anywho: we drove ALL the way down there. Guy selling the truck was shady, the truck had TONS of rust (we were told otherwise) Guy moved the truck to hide all the oil stains underneath, and wiped the oil build up underneath the car, Automatic steering went out. He couldn't tell us this 6 hours ago knowing we were coming all the way down? Especially since he said it was no big deal we didn't buy it because he had 6 people lined up all ready and prepared to buy it if we didn't. Blast...hard lesson learned.
John had to try and catch up in his classes the drive home...yes he let me drive (I am a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.) We were out the money paid for gas. The night we spent in Utah consisted of Caity climbing into our bed over and over again- we got about 2 hours of sleep...anyway- next time we aren't going to second guess those little whisperings of the spirit, because chances are, they know what they are talking about.
Hopefully our new neighbors don't mind an old truck being tinkered with in their parking lot by a really attractive man named John.

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