Friday, March 4, 2011

happenings at our house

Oh things have been busy here, but when aren't they? I have a couple of sick kids....I have a love hate relationship with sickness- I hate hate HATE seeing my children miserable and not being able to make it go away, however; I love snuggling and them needing me for comfort (sometimes moms just need to be needed, I've decided.)
I live for when he falls asleep while I am holding him
It cracks me up when I walk in on Caity playing with her kitchen. "I'm juss cuttin' my hot dog, mom. It SO yummy!"
John and Caity have special bonding times...scaring eachother, pillow fights and bugging mom while she feeding Johnny.

Aren't they handsome?
I love his smile.

I feel like I am getting used the swing of things, (finally!) I can pretty much predict the schedule of my day...which is so nice. I can't think of what else is new...well, we went on a road trip, but I will save that for its own post. Life is great here, the snow is melting, the baby is sleeping and toddler is cracking us up- life is good.


Kayleen said...

first of all... I'm sorry both your babies are sick! Second... you were up way to early posting this post and writing me on facebook! You poor thing. And lastly... Finally? You're finally adjusting? I am FINALLY adjusting. I think you're way ahead of the game. let me know if you need me to come sit with your kids while you nap or something. I could leave mine somewhere else.

Dixie said...

You've been so great at updating your blog. I'm so impressed! And you're kids are so dang cute. I just can't get enough of the little Caity quotes.

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