Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome Spring!

You know what my favorite part of Spring is? Snow!! Except not really...but today I was really excited for it and made Caity go outside with me and make a snow man while we waited until daddy got home "from cool"...well, he was late and so I just kept creating (despite my child telling me she was too cold to "play snowman anymore" lame.)
Anyway...Meet the Brassells:

(above: the creators. Caity SO took all the credit. girl, please. ummm- not to point out my pathetic auora, but look how totally stoked I am...seriously...I should be embaressed. but I'm not. because I still haven't the enough hindsight to realize what a loser I am)

Momma Brassell- I wish my hair was that cool. Papa Brassell
"Taity Brassow" Such a likeness.
And Little John
TOTALLY thought Caity was giving her snow-counterpart a kiss.
Negative. Just TOTALLY eating her nose. I am trying to think of something witty to say about Frostbite, but it is past my bedtime.
He loves me. Because I am cool. Right hon'?


Erica said...

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That is the greatest snow family I have ever seen in my life. Be proud Mama, be very very proud!

Kristin said...


Kayleen said...

that's awesome mary! I wish your family really was that attractive. JUST KIDDING!! I'm totally jealous that I'm not so creative.

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