Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yesterday was a good day

So the best thing about Fridays is that John doesn't have class until 9:00am so he typically takes the morning shift with the kiddos and momma gets to sleep!..... Well, John was sick, so I covered for him- so scratch that first statement (bummer.) But we DID get to have breakfast together- which doesn't seem to happen to often now a days, and that turned out being the best part of yesterday's Friday. I love when I get unexpected time with John.

On top of that, somehow I managed to get the last room clean in my house before the first one I cleaned got dirty again- also a rare occasion now a days. It was kind of "warm" so we got to play outside- and Caity made sure not to step on any cracks (thank goodness who KNOWS what I would do with a broken back!) AND we made cookies- yes!
Later John and I thought it would be fun to have a double date with Johnny and Caity...but John had to finish his homework first, its just that Caity and I were really way too excited.
So while Caity was bugging Johnny:
(her face isn't dirty...its your computar...)

I was bugging John (I only look slightly psycho...)

John said us, girls needed to leave the boys alone and "burn some energy" or whatever, so we made a fort MANSION...and Dad got jealous and raided our dinosaur cave (which was really rude because no boys are allowed...not even Johnny got to come in.)
THEN we finally got to get ready to go, so I put Johnny in his car seat (he was excited too.)

Can you beleive a month and half ago he looked like this?:
awwww... well anyway,
We went to Fat Cats, a family fun center place here in town that is really more like a college student fun place, but whatev! We're both, so we got to have double fun. This is Caity when we first got there...I think she was a little over stimulated by the outside world on account of we have spent the last two months home bound:
My boys!
(Insert picture of Johnny and John that John made me take off because they both looked a little stoned...)

Caity bowling with Daddy-o

She loved bowling:
Soooo, if we are ever at a place with an arcade, Momma gets to play daddy at ski ball- I don't know what it is but I have a really odd obsession with ski ball- like I love it! Maybe because when I would got to Chukie Cheese with my brothers as a child it was the only game I could get tickets at...anyhow I kind of rocked and won 32,000 to 7,000- thank you very much.
(no- YOU'RE pathetic.)
(and John plays cause he likes it...not just to humor his NOT PATHETIC wifey.)
And if mom got to roll balls into little holes then Caity got to kick it with Kermit:
(She loves this ride...)

Then, we hit up Craigo's (I mean the pizza pie cafe or whatever...) and ordered our usual: pepporoni with BBQ sauce on half and Alfredo on the other....(no YOU'RE weird.) Then, we came home and listened to the BYU game while getting the kids ready for bed- which BYU won! And Jimmer Freddette got 52 points! crazy... And of course we had to end the day with an episode of "Everybody Hates Chris" (John is OBSESSED...) And then we (well..I) spent all night awake with a hyper baby while John was up all night coughing and being sick. Some day I can't wait until I am Dad and I am allowed to be sick. (Just kidding...) (kind of...) (no, really- John is tough he is out spreading cow maure as we speak- what a guy.)

Today John's childhood friend is coming to visit from Florida so that should be a lot of fun- we are pretty excited. Hope you all have a pleasant weekend!


The Schultz Family said...

So... is Fat Cats really the Rex 'cause I remember Lydia being obsessed with that Kermit ride (while I was obsessed with mastering ski ball--bet I could beat you and next time we're in the same time zone I challenge you to an awesome ski ball championship extravaganza!!...while Lydia and Caity fight over the Kermit ride...). P.S.- The word verification for this post was "phist." Say that 3 times fast. (Just 3 Mary, you can stop now.) Miss you guys!!

Kayleen said...

okay... I love you. You make me laugh. I'll always remember Chelsea Grafe telling me how funny you are and I didn't believe her or think it was possible until we became friends. She was right. We went to The Craze today and Ezra said he wanted to bring Caity next time. Deal? Good. I LOVE your fort and your kids and your face. Where are you?

Joan Bunting said...

Oh, Mary. I love your posts! You brighten my day by sharing yours. Thanks!

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