Thursday, April 14, 2011

Choices and Mean Caity.

  • Sooo.....our conversation today:

  • Me: Caity, I am hopping in the shower, and when I get out we are going to get dressed, and then we are going to the library, ok?

  • Caity: Mom. Here's the ting. Mommy get in shower now,then mommy's hair is wet at libwary. If mommy go libwary first- then Taity will read her NEW books while mommy det in the showers. Its your choice, ok?

  • Me: Well, I think I am going to get in the shower.

  • Caity: Oops, Mommy, that is the wrong choice.

  • Me: But I don't want to smell like moldy cheese!

  • Caity: Taity dikes cheese!

  • Me: Soooo, you think we should go to the library first?

  • Caity: Oh! Good Choice, Mommy! I so proud of you! Dank you for going to library first!

  • Me: No, Caity I really need to shower.

  • Caity: oh.....ok. But I didn't warn ya.

  • Me: Thank you, Caity.

  • Caity: Your delcome.

Meet Mean Caity

And Nice Caity:

Also, lately Caity has been doing this Doctor Jeckle and Mr. Hyde thing- like there is "Mean Caity" and "Nice Caity" and I usually have to ask which Caity I am talking to you. "Today I am MEEEEAN Taity! You no want me! I meeeen!" With the meanest snarl on her face. And then I will tell her that I like the nice Caity and that I want the nice Caity back, and her voice will get all sugary and she will say, "Oh I so sorry, mommy. I am nice now." It doesn't sound as funny as it does in person. Especially because mean Caity mostly comes out when Johnny is getting too much of our attention and we just hear Caity in the background, "Dats it! I am Meeeeean now. I a MEAN witch. You no want me! eh eh eh!" So weird. "Caity, are you ready to be nice Caity yet?" "I no know yet! OK???" "Caity you really need to be nice." "I KNOW WHAT YOUR SAYING!!! (insert nice Caity) and I sooo sorry, mommy. I be nice taity, in a minute."


The Schultz Family said...

I literally laughed out loud at this post! Oh man, that's HILARIOUS! Sounds like Caity has a touch of voluntary schizophrenia. (And yeah, I spelled that right the first time.)

Kristin said...

She is so funny! Sounds like a really smart girl too! :)

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