Saturday, May 21, 2011

Moving on down.

So things are changing once again for the Brassells! Get this- we are MOVING! How exciting! I just love a new adventure. Yes, this is the THIRD move for us in one year- we're crazy, I know. We found an awesome deal of an apartment that just needs some Brassell lovin'- and paint, and new carpet, and lenolium, and an air freshener, and some cleaner, lots of cleaner, and a couple new windows and plenty of plaster and well, you get the idea...although at first we were a little weary about the move we are getting more and more excited every day- and we will save a ton! And as we fix it up, the owner will take it off our rent! So, it will be nice- right? No going back now, so here we come! I will post pictures. (maybe.)
Spring is here! I just feel like this year tulips are God's special gift to me to let me know winter is over- yay! Today I made John pull over so I could smell some blossoms- beautiful.
Caity is loving the new weather as well, she especially likes rolling her window down and sticking her head out the window. Kind of like a dog. There is nothing like looking in that rear view mirror and seeing those little hands waving at all the passing pedestrians. I love her.
Hope all is well for all of you- Happy Saturday night!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Imagination Nation (i made a rhyme!)

Caity told me yesterday she loves her best friend- I was flattered, I told her I loved her too. She informed me I wasn't her best friend. Santa Clause was. Caity has her first imaginary friend. Yesterday afternoon, she told me to please get out of her room, I asked her if I could stay to which she responded, looking away from me, "Santa Clause is it ok if my mom stays? (pause) Gank you Santa! (looks back at me.) Ok- mommy, santa says you stay."
This morning she was deciding between Toy Story and the Chipmunks, she said, "which one..." I said "toy story" She said, "no, I was asking Santa Clause" (in a very nice way, at least) "Oh Santa wants Toy Story, ok." I am losing my pull.
Caity has also been seen opening the front door and saying, "thanks for coming to play, Santa Clause! Come back soon" and waving good bye! So funny.
Does this mean she is lonely?
Yesterday she took me to the "farm" with pigs, chickens, zebras and everything! Her little imagination has been so much fun as it is developing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Basically just Mary

Lately I have just felt so content! I am so grateful for a God who cares about me. Some things that have just made me happy lately:
  • Went to the financial aid office to figure something out, a little nervous that they would say something like, "You're a loser get out of here!" BUT as I walked in one of the Advisors was emailing me! So there was already someone there who knew what was going on with my account and had all the answers I needed. It was just awesome.
  • While I was at school today Johnny wouldn't stop crying. John tried everything, then finally put him in our bed, on my side to see if he missed me smell (it sounds kind of weird written out like this) and I guess he just started laughing and talking to himself until he fell asleep about 3o minutes later- he loves me!! :)
  • Last night during dinner Caity came up to me and gave me a kiss and said, "thanks for making my yummy dinner, mommy!"
  • John. He just always makes me happy. OH! and for mother's day he got me this really cool camera! Like a nice one! He got it off Craigslist for a killer deal, I am so excited!
Something not so hot: Math. Hate it. It hates me. It is going to eat me.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sayings from my mom.

So let me tell you about my hero. My mom. She pretty much rocks. I will always be grateful for the life she has given me through her example, her little lessons and all the many sacrifices.
There are a few things that I will always remember her for, and so many times I hear her voice in my head giving her advice and little "mommisms" So I thought, in light of Mother's day I would enlighten you all...
  • When you are feeling down, you need to serve others. Get out of your self pity and reach out to others.
  • Every person you talk to should feel better about themselves when they walk away. Make the people around you feel their very best.
  • When you hear someone say something bad about you, think of it like they say you have green hair. Do you have green hair? No. And if you did- who cares?
  • Do your best to look your best every morning then when you walk out the door forget about yourself.
  • Make it your job that you have a good time, make things fun for your family, make things fun for your dates, take control of the situation.
  • I KNOW there is more, but of course when I actually try and right them I forget! But I think I think about what my mom would do in any given situation about 3 times a day, she really is my hero. I love her and am so lucky to call her my mom. I am so proud of her.

I am also grateful for my Mother-in-law, she has become such a good friend to me over the last few years and I will always be grateful for her and things she has taught me, especially "You get what you truly want out of life." If you want something bad enough you figure out a way to get it.

I hope I can teach these things to my children.

It makes me think about what my 'mommisms' would be definitely those things I learned from my mom(s) but I also hope my kids will remember I told them to always love the moment they are in, and that if they don't like someone it because don't know them well enough to understand them.

But really- happy Mother's day to all my moms out there...especially my numero uno (that means number one.) My mom. I love you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

4 years ago today...

Four years ago today....John asked me to go on walk. What started as a stroll through Porter Park quickly turned to a journey through life. How romantic. It seems like this time of year all the anticipation comes flooding back to me and I just fall in love all over again.
  • I remember the first thing I said to him, "Nice to meet you"
  • I remember the second thing I said to him, "Hey John, you off to get your social on?" Like it was the wittiest thing ever and he looked at me like I was Moron- though he won't admit.
  • John remembers the third thing I said to him, "Hey we were just talking about you!" He said "Really, cool." I said, "I didn't say it was good." I was like REALLY funny, ok?
  • John remembers the 4th thing I said to him, "You are SO lucky to be walking with me." Like I said, SO funny.
John and I hardly knew eachother but heard a TON about eachother. Everyone seemed to rave about John so I was curious as to what the hype was about- so I kind of stalked him, but only kind of- not the creepy kind. John heard a lot about me too, I was friends with John's sister, Brittany (who played cupid) and had gone on a date or two with his roommate...and we kind of liked eachother but only from afar. I told myself I would never go for it, but I found myself always asking about him and looking for him a crowd just to say "hi." and would get all worked up over it too! haha. John said it was the same for him.
The day he asked me on a walk, President Faust gave a CES fireside, before he started he counciled the men not to take council from their fears. John said that he felt President Faust was talking right to him and thought "I should ask Mary on a walk"- John sat behind me by the way- I dared not look at him of course. The fireside ended about 35 minutes early and President Faust said (roughly) "You know its a beautiful day outside, I think I am going to end early, and encourage you to ask a young lady on a walk." I thought- oh that would be nice if John asked me on a walk....meanwhile John thought- oh great, now I HAVE to do it. My Romeo.
So the fireside ended and I was talking to some friends and John circled our group like a vulture. I tried to step away and say hi but he kept blowing me off- so I figured Ok, he's a punk, he can go walk himself. Actually I was partially devastated that he kept ignoring me.
But he was just nervous. How cute! Awww...anyway, John leaves (and I watch him.)
I keep 'getting my social on.' I finally leave with some friends. We are talking outside of the Hart when out of the corner of my eye I see John and Brit walking past the Tennis Courts in front of Royal Crest (where we lived.) I think it would be cool to "bump" into them and stop in the middle of a sentence and say "but yeah, talk to you later!" and start walking across the cross walk. The guys I was talking to were a little confused and kept trying to talk to me and aske me questions, and I just kept trying to get away from them! Couldn't they see this was NOT a time for manners??
Then one says, "Oh wait, wasn't our apt supposed to come to your place for a pancake party?"
Blast...I forgot about that. "Uh...oh yeah..."
They say, "Ok, we will just come with you then!" NOOOO! How am I supposed to run into John casually and have a more-than-one-syllable-conversation with him with all of you here??
I say, "Uh...yeah, I guess that works." So rude. Oh. I forgot to mention: This is all happening while I am in the MIDDLE of a cross walk with John and Brittany watching me and the guys I was talking to watching me, and the CAR waiting for me to cross watching me all thinking "What the heck is she doing?"
SOOO...we ALL cross the street and run into John and Brittany. I try to act casual. Try to keep it cool. Totally just stand there. John tries to keep it cool. Totally just stutters. The people I am with try to keep it cool- actually they are just trying to make sense of everything. Brittany tries to keep it cool. She just runs away. Wait that doesn't happen for awhile. I finally say, "Hey you guys go ahead." And they do because they are so over my awkwardness. Its just me John and Brit now- I am still silent and John is still stuttering. And Brit is still there. So she senses her timing and says OUT OF NO WHERE "Ok, gotta go. Bye." and blots for her apartment.
I say, "Wait Brittany, I don't want to interupt your walk! Come back!" which i sincerely meant. And I had no idea what I would even talk to john about.
She says, "No, really- I have to go" And keeps running.
John just stands there.
So apparently, when John left The Hart he ran to Brittany's apt and told her to come on a walk with him and to be fast about it (now, anyone who knows John and Brittany can picture how this went down.) So they PLANNED for John and I to meet at the corner and I guess John kept telling Brittany to slow down so the timing was right- how funny! So poor Brittany gets dragged from her apt thrown in an awkward situation just to have John look at her like, "Ok, you can leave now." Leaving me so confused as to why when I said "Hi" to Brittany she ran away. But really- her leaving wasn't that awkward, John and I already enhaled all the awkward fumes of that moment.
So John and mosy after Brittany and he says, "so w-wwwhat are you d-ddoing righ----"
"Uh, you wanna g-g-ggo on----"
"Go on a walk, sure!!"
"Ok, cool."
I swear this was WAAAAY forward for me... I have no idea what got into me.
We start talking about who knows what which leads to three and half hours of more who knows what bliss. (first time we said more than a sentence to eachother.) People playing Frisbee in the park started tallying the times we went around. They stopped and got bored at 43. And we start falling in love.
For the first time ever I felt I was talking to someone I had known my whole life. Time just flew by.
After that first walk I think we both knew where it was going and it went alright...very quickly.
Here are some pics of us dating:
(ABOVE:this is my favorite picture of John from when we were dating- he is so handsome! Earlier that day John totally washed his camera in the laundry so I got him this disposable one, which have some of my favorite pictures on them. Ok, long caption, I know. This was the picture I had on my desk at work while we were apart for 6 weeks I would just sigh and stare and think wow...I am getting married. Weird.)
(ABOVE: this is another favorite. Well, its the only other one I have on this laptop so it is going to have to be the other favorite. We were on our way to Utah for the 4th of July- one of my favorite holidays- heck, they're ALL my favorite! But I just remember being SO happy when we took this- I still am, you know- but I just like remembering this day.)
So four years ago today I met my best friend and love of my life (corny- yeah, whatever.) But really, back then I was so surprised there was someone so made for me and I thought the exact same thing this morning.
And that is why you will always find us walking. Everywhere.
Actually its because our car embarresses us.
haha- just kidding.
But Happy First Walk for Mary and John Day everyone!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a crummy day!

Sooo, this morning started out with an emotional break down. Straight up broke down. For no reason. Imagine the look on John's face as I threw every shirt I own frantically in the air because nothing fits yet...because that is what he woke up to. Psycho wife. His face mirrored the face I would probably make if I encountered a Cobra. He wasn't quite sure how to approach the situation. He asked if I needed a ride to school. I told him I hate school. He looked a little awkwardfied. As he continued to watch my tantrum play out. "You're going to be late for class. Right now isn't a good time to do laundry." (how sweet to give me the benefit of the doubt on that one...totally flipping out. Totally NOT doing laundry)At this point I have snapped. I just felt all the pressure on me at one time and just wanted to break. I felt like as hard I as I was trying I was just failing in every part of my life. No idea what brought these feelings on but Bah! I hate it when I feel that way. School kinda reaked. Yadda yadda yadda- the world was out to get me-yadda yadda yadda- this guy was a complete jerk at the testing center- blah get the idea. By the time I walk home for the final time that day, I am exhausted.
But I can't help but think, you know, no matter how lame my day is, I get to go home to a family that loves me, and a husband that is willing to sacrifice his time and energy so I can finish my degree. And I am just glad I can go home and be with them.
How could I not smile when this is what I came home to today?
looks normal, Dad at least TRIED to get him dressed, I know all looks normal...
And then you turn Johnny around...And realize his shirt is on backwards.
And this what Caity looked like:
Yes, those are rocks in her shoes.
She is COVERED in dirt!
But so happy.
Definately a day at home with Dad. I am so lucky to have someone like John (the big one) in my life. As cheesy as it sounds- I am just so grateful for him.
I am honestly debating if an education is really worth it. (I know, one post I love it, next post I hate it. Bipolar blogger or whatev.) But really- trying to see the bigger picture and balance a million things and some days my juggling just stinks. So I just throw my shirts everywhere. And tonight I get to put them all away. Great.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Some updates

So things are just dandy in Brasselland. Did you know that I was going back to school? Yes- I am hitting up my old stomping grounds of BYU-Idaho, what a weird surreal experience it has been! I go to school MWF and John goes T and TH. I am walking home between each class to nurse Johnny and it is turning out to be quite the work out! My classes this semester will earn me an associates, which will be a total releif to get out of the way and under my belt. So my classes consist mostly of all those generals I am have been post poning- like Math. Bleh. I am also in a water aerobics class which is a post of its own- let me tell you! Wooo-eee. I really am glad to be getting my schooling done though. I am also working on getting rid of all that baby chub that seems to be making itself at home these last couple of months, so that has been good too.
John is taking 14 credits which feels like a peice of cake after last semester. Even though he has to create an online magazine (say what?) and edit the Iliad (say what, say what?) for one of his classes. Sheesh...He is pretty much finishing up though- which is awesome. He works the hours he can for Biorem (the cow manure place) and taking on the role of stay at home Dad while I am at school- it has been kind of fun watching he relationships with the kids grow in different ways. After ALWAYS making fun of me for taking a million pictures of Johnny and Caity doing the same thing- I picked up the camera only to find HIM doing that exact thing. He thinks they're as cool as I do! It is fun because we are leading pretty parralell lives and have a lot to relate about. He has been waking up at 5:30am every morning to play basketball with our ward- he really is liking it, his goal is dunk again before we go to florida this summer. What else is new with John? Hmm...can't think of much...he MIGHT tell you he beat me at Mexican Train last night- but he also might be delusional. Keep that in mind. ;-) He is sleeping right now- and he looks just so cute! (no-really!)
Caity is SUPPOSED to be sleeping, but in reality is singing something about her bunny and her library book and her big girl panties. I don't know. What is new with her? Well, homegirl LOVED easter (minus the fact that the Easter bunny "stole" the eggs we colored and hid them. She definately gave him a talking to...she opened the door and yelled "EASTER BUNNY! NO TAKE MY EGGS AGAIN! OK? and CAT STAY OUT!") Other than that she was a sucker for those candy filled ones. She is really liking having Daddy home more often and when we were at the library she asked me which princess movie was Daddy's favorite and I told her the Little Mermaid (he likes the seagull and sebastion- which were my least fav. parts- gimme the romance, people!) So she grabbed it and said, "Oh good, I ne'er seen dis one before! Daddy and Taity watch it togeder when Mommy goes to Schoo'" Well what about Johnny? "Oh, johnny can jus sleep or go swingin or somethin." And sure enough Caity and Daddy watched the little mermaid and ate icecream for breakfast. No wonder she likes him home so much! And at the end when Ariel hugged King Triton and said "I love you, Daddy!" Caity did the same thing to John and gave him a big kiss...which only reinforced it being his favorite. She is now singing about all her of her toys and how she will never share them with her friends from nursery. Hmmm- I think its time we have a play group at our place. Every day when I come home from school she runs out the door and gives me the biggest hug, makes coming home the best.
Johnny is just a sunshiney as ever. I love that kid. He started laughing this last week and it is becoming one of my favorite sounds. John likes putting him on his belly because he gets really mad and tries crawling...I never have the guts to enforce tummy time, I just feel so bad!! Oh and get this, he is teething! Is that weird or what for a 3 month old? Totally weird to me.
Anyways things are great, we are happy and our neighbor got arrested.

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