Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sayings from my mom.

So let me tell you about my hero. My mom. She pretty much rocks. I will always be grateful for the life she has given me through her example, her little lessons and all the many sacrifices.
There are a few things that I will always remember her for, and so many times I hear her voice in my head giving her advice and little "mommisms" So I thought, in light of Mother's day I would enlighten you all...
  • When you are feeling down, you need to serve others. Get out of your self pity and reach out to others.
  • Every person you talk to should feel better about themselves when they walk away. Make the people around you feel their very best.
  • When you hear someone say something bad about you, think of it like they say you have green hair. Do you have green hair? No. And if you did- who cares?
  • Do your best to look your best every morning then when you walk out the door forget about yourself.
  • Make it your job that you have a good time, make things fun for your family, make things fun for your dates, take control of the situation.
  • I KNOW there is more, but of course when I actually try and right them I forget! But I think I think about what my mom would do in any given situation about 3 times a day, she really is my hero. I love her and am so lucky to call her my mom. I am so proud of her.

I am also grateful for my Mother-in-law, she has become such a good friend to me over the last few years and I will always be grateful for her and things she has taught me, especially "You get what you truly want out of life." If you want something bad enough you figure out a way to get it.

I hope I can teach these things to my children.

It makes me think about what my 'mommisms' would be definitely those things I learned from my mom(s) but I also hope my kids will remember I told them to always love the moment they are in, and that if they don't like someone it because don't know them well enough to understand them.

But really- happy Mother's day to all my moms out there...especially my numero uno (that means number one.) My mom. I love you!

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The Schultz Family said...

I really like the one about green hair. I hope our kids will think of our Mom-isms as fondly as we remembers ours. Thanks for sharing. :) Happy Mother's Day, Mary.

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