Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Johnny Boy!

Oh that little man just melts my heart! He cries I drop everything to hold him, he smiles I drop everything to smile back, he talks I kiss his cheeks, and lets not even get into what I do to get the boy to laugh! Oh how I love his little man giggle! Now that he is reaching for things and fascinated by his toes, he is becoming more fun to play with and I am so grateful to be his sidekick as he discovers the world. I love playing in front of the mirror with him, I also like reading next to him while he plays with his toys and every so often we take a break from our private entertainment to smile at eachother- I live for those small moments.
He is ALMOST sitting up by himself! And lets see what else is he doing...making the FUNNIEST of faces. Babies are just too much fun.
One difference between him and Caity (which actually makes me a little sad...) he isn't a cuddler! Not at all. He refuses to sleep when I am holding him, he never just rests on my shoulder. Caity ONLY slept when I held her. Even just now I picked him up fast asleep in his crib to trick him into rocking with me. It took about 60 seconds for him to look at me like I was insane and needed to get him back in his crib, woman. John is reading over my shoulder and is explaining to me that its because he's a man. Bummer. He does show his love in other ways.
I am learning every child is different and I love both of mine so much in such different ways. I really appreciate their differences and what their personalities and strengths add to our family.
Johnny and Caity are becoming quite the little pair and nothing makes me happier than seeing them laughing together.

Ps- Blogger is taking forever uploading pictures....baaah!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I know, I know I need to upload pictures or whatever.

Not to bore you with Caity-isms...but having a toddler is too much fun for me to neglect sharing my world with all of you- whether you are sick of it or not! Whahaha....ahem.
So tonight Caity asks to say prayers at bedtime.
She says: "Please bless Jesus to come and bless Santa to help Jesus find my house so he can come. And bless my kitchen so I cookin' for Jesus." Really. Where does she come up with this stuff?

When ever Caity asks, Caity tends to demand. So we are working on manners. Literally every time Caity needs something it goes something like this:
"Mom I want that!"
"Caity, how do we ask?"
"I need to say please. (deep breath) Ok...ok...ok..umm...ok...Mom I please I want that, mom?"
"Sure Caity."
"Cause I say please? I won't no say please again!"

She has also been scolding her friends like a little mom...I don't know how to get her to stop that one, but as much as I hated my parents saying, "Mary, you're not the mom" I find myself saying it to Caity. Every time someone apologizes, she NEVER says "Its ok." she ALWAYS says, "Just don't do again!" while pointing her finger. "You need to be nice!" Manners. Working on it.

To come: John's new "investment." Johnny's laugh. And a general update...and PICTURES (hopefully.)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Care Bears

Sooo...Caity has been found the last couple of weeks storming around saying
"Nobody cares about me!"
singing it in songs- even to the tune of "I'm a Child of God", saying it in her prayers, whispering it to Johnny over his crib....everywhere. She will be at play groups and just explain to one of the moms while shrugging, "Nobody cares about me."

John and I had NO idea where she would get this from! And when we would say, "We care about you!" She would respond with, "Just leave me alone!" and she would huff and stomp into her room. We were a little baffled.
Then one day, John was watching Care Bears with Caity. I always figured it was a good show because it helped Caity see that we should be nice, and be a friend.
Well, turns out Caity wasn't looking to the Care Bears for rolemodels...she was looking toward the bad kids. Remember the mean/nice Caity post....also learned from Care Bears! Who woulda' thought?
We have since gotten over that, but how funny! She cracks me up.

Yes, eat cake.

So Caity was making Johnny laugh the other day and I couldn't help but think, "Oh- this is the life!" Then of course Johnny squeals with terror and starts crying pretty loud.
Me- Caity! What happened? What did you do?
Caity- I went like this! (bites her finger.)
Me- Caity, you don't bite people.
Caity- Why?
Me- because it isn't nice and it hurts.
Caity- But Johnny is jus' so CUTE!
Me- It still isn't nice. Do you want me to bite you?
Caity: Nooooo(shaking her head looking at the ceiling.) Cwuz' it hurts!
Me- And Caity, what happens when you hurt your friends?
Caity- I goin in my room.
Me- Alright, since you hurt Johnny you have to go to your room now.
Caity- (Looks infuriated.) But MOM! Johnny isn't my friend, he's my 'brudder'!
Me- Sorry, you still have to go to your room.
Caity- (storms to her room and huffs,) I needn't mean to!

I calm Johnny down and Caity comes out of her room...

Caity- Mom, eat cake, not Johnny?
Me- Yes, eat cake.
Caity: YAY! I gets to eat cake! C'mon mom!
Oh exasperation.
ps- they really are good friends- we're just still learning boundries- I love Miss Caity's personality and I love that Johnny has thus far survived it. (smile)

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