Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Care Bears

Sooo...Caity has been found the last couple of weeks storming around saying
"Nobody cares about me!"
singing it in songs- even to the tune of "I'm a Child of God", saying it in her prayers, whispering it to Johnny over his crib....everywhere. She will be at play groups and just explain to one of the moms while shrugging, "Nobody cares about me."

John and I had NO idea where she would get this from! And when we would say, "We care about you!" She would respond with, "Just leave me alone!" and she would huff and stomp into her room. We were a little baffled.
Then one day, John was watching Care Bears with Caity. I always figured it was a good show because it helped Caity see that we should be nice, and be a friend.
Well, turns out Caity wasn't looking to the Care Bears for rolemodels...she was looking toward the bad kids. Remember the mean/nice Caity post....also learned from Care Bears! Who woulda' thought?
We have since gotten over that, but how funny! She cracks me up.


PECK said...

hahahaha oh goodness...thats hilarious! I can totally just see her saying that!

Kayleen said...

hahaha! How embarrassing for you guys :)

Brit said...

is it so pathetic that i know exactly what scene of carebears this comes from? oh she is a hoot!

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