Friday, June 10, 2011

I know, I know I need to upload pictures or whatever.

Not to bore you with Caity-isms...but having a toddler is too much fun for me to neglect sharing my world with all of you- whether you are sick of it or not! Whahaha....ahem.
So tonight Caity asks to say prayers at bedtime.
She says: "Please bless Jesus to come and bless Santa to help Jesus find my house so he can come. And bless my kitchen so I cookin' for Jesus." Really. Where does she come up with this stuff?

When ever Caity asks, Caity tends to demand. So we are working on manners. Literally every time Caity needs something it goes something like this:
"Mom I want that!"
"Caity, how do we ask?"
"I need to say please. (deep breath) Ok...ok...ok..umm...ok...Mom I please I want that, mom?"
"Sure Caity."
"Cause I say please? I won't no say please again!"

She has also been scolding her friends like a little mom...I don't know how to get her to stop that one, but as much as I hated my parents saying, "Mary, you're not the mom" I find myself saying it to Caity. Every time someone apologizes, she NEVER says "Its ok." she ALWAYS says, "Just don't do again!" while pointing her finger. "You need to be nice!" Manners. Working on it.

To come: John's new "investment." Johnny's laugh. And a general update...and PICTURES (hopefully.)


Kayleen said...

i do remember her saying "it's okay" to Ezra the other day. It was just quickly followed by, "just don't do it again." I told James about it because I thought it was just hilarious. She is so funny. I hope Jesus likes her cooking.

Meredith C said...

Caity-ism's are so funny! Definitely NOT boring! Keep 'em comin' Mary!

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