Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yes, eat cake.

So Caity was making Johnny laugh the other day and I couldn't help but think, "Oh- this is the life!" Then of course Johnny squeals with terror and starts crying pretty loud.
Me- Caity! What happened? What did you do?
Caity- I went like this! (bites her finger.)
Me- Caity, you don't bite people.
Caity- Why?
Me- because it isn't nice and it hurts.
Caity- But Johnny is jus' so CUTE!
Me- It still isn't nice. Do you want me to bite you?
Caity: Nooooo(shaking her head looking at the ceiling.) Cwuz' it hurts!
Me- And Caity, what happens when you hurt your friends?
Caity- I goin in my room.
Me- Alright, since you hurt Johnny you have to go to your room now.
Caity- (Looks infuriated.) But MOM! Johnny isn't my friend, he's my 'brudder'!
Me- Sorry, you still have to go to your room.
Caity- (storms to her room and huffs,) I needn't mean to!

I calm Johnny down and Caity comes out of her room...

Caity- Mom, eat cake, not Johnny?
Me- Yes, eat cake.
Caity: YAY! I gets to eat cake! C'mon mom!
Oh exasperation.
ps- they really are good friends- we're just still learning boundries- I love Miss Caity's personality and I love that Johnny has thus far survived it. (smile)


Amy McFarlane said...

hahahahaha! that is very clever of her!

Kayleen said...

oh so hilarious. She is so smart!

Kristin said...


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