Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Update on the Brassells

John- the big one.

Has officially signed up for the LSAT- whoo hoo! Still playing early morning basketball and is still coaching Rigby's special olympics basketball team, we are going to state in a week! He just bought another truck and is working to sell our most recent one. Yes, yes- ANOTHER vehicle to

mark up on our tally board. We made a list on the way to practice today- 22 cars in 4 years! Crazy- huh? Grateful for John's handyman skills- they have really helped us pay it to the man (or the bills.) This MAY not seem like a big deal to all of you, but if you know John you know that him allowing me to go shopping for him is NEWS- like front page kind of news, and I must say he looks handsome in my taste! :) (and in clothes that don't have any leftover manure/paint/spit-

up/oh you know.)


Miss Caity had her first run in with the ER about 2 weeks ago- split open her chin falling off the stake center stage (our little graceful one, she is...) Where was I as she plummeted to her possible death- oh just being a bad mother the other side of the stage. She was very brave and

informed the nurses and doctor that " chin is sleeping." while they stitched her up. She has discovered her love for the city's splash park (even if it took me getting soaked to assure her that the water was not flesh eating acid.) She had an overnighter with her Brassell Grandparents and John and I just weren't sure what to do with ourselves- coming home just isn't as fun without Caity running to the door and exclaiming "Your home! I been missin you!! Mommy(or)Daddy! They home!" I especially laugh when I come home and Caity's lit up face tells me excitedly that "I no listen to daddy! And I had time out and I said sorry and daddy said clean up the milk!! I said OK! (giggle and shrug)" And john is standing behind her looking like I couldn't have come home any later. On the 4th I asked Caity if she could hear the fireworks to which she responded "No, its not fireworks, mom, its guns!" Thanks, Brit. She is crazy, but She makes us happy.

Our Apartment.

(Yes, it deserves an update since it has quite the personality.)

Apartment is feeling more like home every day. She is quite the conversationalist with all her pipe gurgling and wall creaking and I love the company. She still needs to work on that paisley carpeted kitchen and the termites we have recently discovered her hoarding- but she's working on it, so we love her the same. I haven't been able to spend much time on her since we are in school and all but I am hoping the 7 week break will allow plenty of one on one time (more that 3 on 1- counting the kids, but Blue's Clues is on my side making the odds a little better on my side.) Apartment is looking better with her little garden and hanging flowers- even if the flowers are

looking more and more ill daily. Apartment has been a good home to us this first month. We love her (on non-hormonal-the world is out to vex me- days.)

Me- Mary

I am just finishing up this semester and SOOOOO excited for the 7 week

break!! For my English class, I am doing a project on Jane Austin and am falling in love with her writings all over again- such a talented writer. I am hitting the gym at bedtime and it has been a really nice get away. Believe it or not world, Math has not killed me yet. My parents are in the process of moving to Salt Lake- really excited for them, they will live only an hour from John's family- I can't wait. I kind of wish my sewing machine worked...and a friend I have had since my first ward up here (as a newly wed) is moving in a few days across the country- I am pretty sad about it- not sure how I will function without her a couple blocks away. I guess that was college is for though- you come only to go (if only we could get that memo...)


Johnny is eating like a big boy now and has like an autoclock as to when it is time to eat, he is good at making sure we don't forget. It has been fun watching him explore the world more and more every day. Yesterday we went to Egin Lake (a lake that gets not deeper than 1.5 ft and he had so much fun splashing around- and he looked so cute in his swimsuit! Him and Caity usually spend car rides laughing at eachother (or both of them laughing at Caity.) It is fun to see them become such good friends.

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