Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy Cate

(So I promise we are working heck out of her vocabulary as well as her drama...with that said...)
  • We were at Deseret Book the other day Caity accidentally knocked over some CD's. We bent over to pick them up and Caity kept whispering fiercely, "Ugh! I HATE this place!" I would correct her, but she kept saying it until it was done and then she smiled and said, "Ok! All done!"
  • Yesterday for dinner we had green beans and mac and cheese. Somehow they over-lapped a little bit. Caity got a little frustrated, "What the heck, green beans! Get off my mac and cheese! eh!"
  • Yesterday I walked in on Caity spraying Johnny in the face with a squirt bottle (which she hates) and with every spray they were laughing hysterically. I can just see a couple years from now, Caity convincing Johnny its hilarious to stick a bobby-pin into a socket or something.
  • This morning I was reading to Caity and throughout the story was having her do actions like thump like the bunny, sing like the bird and so forth- she loves it and always does the actions. We got to a point where Honey bunny got lost, and I asked Caity "And then honey bunny cried, can you cry?" She responded with, "No, I already cried yesterday....(pause) I cried in the TV room." Which she did.
I don't what I would do without my sweet Caity.

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