Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Summer!

Dear world, I love Rexburg summers!
(aww man!) Blogger is exing my picture request. lame. Blast you blogger.
Guess ya'll will have to use your imagination or look at Brit's facebook since she is the master picture keeper of every adventure.
Some things with us:
  • Went to the St. Anthony sand dunes a couple weeks ago and had a bonfire. It was SO much fun. I tried to impress upon everyone how cool they are if they make themselves trip over the sand dune- but I don't think they were buying it- except maybe Spencer. Who's 11. And Caity whom I have brainwashed into thinking her mom is the coolest thing since Snoais. But hey, I'll take it. It IS cool- ok? John of course managed to get the truck stuck- don't worry he thinks that kind of stuff is fun and two hours later we were able to get out! The poor kids were exhausted- but they were troopers, and the s'mores made it worth it of course!
  • SWIMMING! We have gone to the st. anthony sandbar, egin lake, the BYUI pool and the splash park- it has been fun because it something we can all enjoy together. Johnny just kicks around in his little baby-tube, and Caity with her wings- she loves jumping in the water, but always makes sure to plug her nose (only to let go of it when she jumps.) John usually says he will catch her, only to take a step back- don't worry she lets him know that isn't nice.
  • The city has a lunch in the park weekday afternoons and Caity is always asking to go, its pretty fun. I finally explained to her that we don't go until both hand on the clock are pointing up. So yesterday I walked into the front room at about 9:00am and Caity was jumping around all excited because "Oh my goodness! It's time!" She manually changed the clock to say 12. Pretty innovative.
  • Caity made a new friend. Sarah is referred to as Caity's "Super Special Friend." Her best friends rotate but Sarah has kept her spot as Super Special Friend. I asked her "What about Josh?" (Sarah's husband.) And she responds with, "Oh he's just there sometimes. With Sarah." She said I was her best friend, then corrected herself and Spencer and mommy were her best friends, I asked her "What about Brittany?" She flung herself on her pillow and exclaimed "this is too hard!"
  • We leave for florida in a week!! So excited for the beach and the sun!
Oh, that is all I can think of now....hope you are all having a fun summer.
(checked again, blogger pictures still not working. sorry.)

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