Thursday, October 13, 2011


For John's birthday I got him a new pair of Basketball shoes, he plays three times a week at like 5:30am, and his old shoes were pretty pathetic.  I thought these pictures showed them off well:
 (no, our bed isn't messy, its your imagination. its running wild, catch it.)
And get this- shoes CAN make all the difference! John can officially dunk now! I don't think he has been able to since high school, so he is pretty happy about that.

 Now, MY gift, I mentioned before John proposed to me again- well, here is the ring! (not so good picture...but you get the idea!) I still think it is romantic when I look down at my hand!

And Monday night, John brought me home a dead one of these:

 Just kidding, it was more like this:
minus the antlers...
But, really- looks like we are going to be serving deer for dinner throughout winter. idea of it makes me a little queasy, but I from what I heard, it was quite the shot- and I am pretty happy for him! And I am pretty grateful for the money we will be saving from the meat.  
So...not your typical roses...but, hey- it is what it is.


Brit said...

mary is back to blogging! and im so happy about it!

youre such a great writer, and i love that there were PICTURES! johnny is sooooo cute. and caity looking all dead on the *clean* bed (;
i miss you all!!!
oh, and i for one, cannot wait to have some deer!

Erin Anderson said...

Haha love seeing the picuture and my room is messier!

How awesome about the deer!

Kristin said...

I ate reindeer in Finland...a little different, but okay...but I felt guilty, being so close to the North Pole an all.

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