Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mountain Biking

Back in June, John and I went mountain biking (ish) (I'm kind of a pansy.) (more like dirt trail biking.) Summertime is especially fun for us because that was the time we met and dated and got married (because we were ridiculously fast movers.) Mountain biking was our first official date. 
(I was kind of a pansy then too... so what?? I lack coordination, ok?) 
Not the cutest picture- but I was terrified to take my toes off the ground, you would think I never rode a bike before.  I was probably saying something like, "If you take a picture of me  right now I will  kill you." (you know, sweet nothings.) (John was not killed after this picture was taken.)
It was beautiful!

John just hanging out...on a cliff! You can't even tell, but it was  pretty steep, so of course John was all stoked to  go sit on the death trap.

The first time we came here, we could ride through. Now you can't.  So what does John do when he spots a structurally unsound tunnel-climbs on top of it, naturally, only a couple beams fell from underneath him.

Awww, we're in love! 
Trying to climb the tunnel to show John I was cool. Back fired. 

Isn't he cute??

And our only close up together- eyes closed and blurry! Thanks,  fate.
It was a fun date, beautiful weather and good company.  I would do again! And again, probably.  Its crazy it will be 5 years this September! Man, has time flown by.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sometimes, I Find Oldish Pictures and Just Want to Share Them with the World

2 months ago we went fishing

Well, its no secret I love family outings- even if it involves slimy, gross swimming thingies eating worms. Bleh. I know, I know- fishing is "fun." Well, fishing is also kind of gross. I try to be a good country girl to my wonderful romantic-comedy-enduring husband, but fishing just really makes me kinda want to puke. 
Sitting in nature is great. Talking about things is great. Having to grab the actual flopping fish- I draw my line.
Not to mention, John could fish for hoooouuuurs, I am done after about 30 minutes. 
Caity always insists fishing is her and Dad's thing- not even trying to compete with her!
But like I said- I am all about family time, so I trooped it out and had a great time.
Anyway, without further adieu...
Johnny and Caity with their fishing poles

John says I am exaggerating, BUT the bridge we have to cross to get to "our" (or John's) favorite spot is seriously death defying. If a train came, I am pretty sure we would all die, and the tracks have like 8 inch gaps between each one! It is totally scary- if you aren't cool and brave like myself.

Dad caught a fish...Caity was a little concerned.

Now, she is excited and I am pretty overenjoyed as well- its not every day John catches a fish- literally,  in fact, he like has terrible fishing luck.
Johnny is is about as much of as fan of that fish as I am.
Them doing their thing
My attempt at a cute family picture...hmmm. Johnny crying and John looks slightly awkward- haha.
Anyway, it was overall a lot of fun, minus the fact Johnny sat in a huge pile of cow poop. Like father, like son. bwahaha (what am I? 10?)  Then we went home and had some fish. And it was in all a great day to be alive.

Friday, July 27, 2012

for the sake of blogging.

Things are just plain busy. I should be packing for the move.  But since that isn't happening..why don't I talk to all my imaginary friends in the blogsphere.
We have stuff. Lots of stuff. Not a compatible collection for a 10 hour away move, if you know what I am saying. Its not that we're hoarders or anything we just possess all sorts of useless things we put value on and refuse to get rid of....wait, what? I don't know what your talking about.  Soooo, I am trying to kick the habit with my trusty garbage can. It is long. It is tedious. So I am now blogging.
Today was Caity's last day of Preschool. Yep. And when I explained it to her, she responded with, "what a relief."
I grunt/growl when I get frustrated. Johnny and Caity also do this now.  Sometimes they will just do it to echo me. Me: RRRRR. Caity: RRRRR. Then Johnny: rrrrrrr.  And then I laugh because I literally hear how obnoxious I sound.
Can you  believe John is going to be a law student? I can't. He can. I should be able to.
Caity and Johnny are joint at the hip... she runs one way, he toddles on after her. Quite entertaining.

Friday, June 22, 2012

My stress relief

Nothing feels better to this girl than a long day's work ending with a clean house and two bathed children cuddling on the couch. Its like a sigh of relief, and reminder to pause and take them in with a deep breath and thank God I can be their mother.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Rise to Your Master, Already!

Well, hello my internet crew- Mary here, (in the freak incident you thought John may have picked up blogging.)
So much has happened since we last chatted!
For starters Caity decided to be all grown up out of no where. I don't even know what that is about. One second I am burping her, next she is burping herself and saying "excuse me, my mouth has gas."  Seriously, what makes her think she is allowed to enjoy the two hours away from me in pre-school? I know, I know, its good for her development or whatever- interaction with other kids or whatever-I need to let her learn independence or whatever....scratch that, I want my minion back! (kidding, CPS spies.) 
(I might or might not sing the song from Anastasia when I get the kids from their beds in the morning- "Come my min-ions, rise for you master..." ok, ok TMI- I know! But this actually is how I look in the morning. No, really.
But yes, she is going to preschool up at BYU-Idaho with all the other little children. And she enjoys it so I'm happy for her.

When we were walking her first day she looked up at me and said,
"Mom, I think I am going to be nervous."
So I told her when I get nervous I just try to smile and I feel better (trying to combat Caity's nervous scowl.)
That seemed to do it for her, then a couple days later, I was talking to John and telling him I was nervous for a test, and Miss Sunshine runs up to me and says, "Just smile mom, smile real big, and it will be ok." Now if that isn't just precious (no, I am not a biased parent..ok, maybe I am...still- I thought it was sweet!)
Baby Johnny and I are given 2 hours/three times a week of Mommy/Little Man time. We've spent it so far doing all sorts of wonderful things: boiling chicken, getting shots, walking in the hail to the post office, and reading a story book over and over and over again, since Johnny is a monogamous reader and all.
John is working in cow waste all day and I sure appreciate his positive attitude,  I keep reminding him that he is building up his motivation bank to get through law school. 
School is going well, sometimes homework is hard to concentrate on with two kiddos on my lap petting my face, but luckily the workload so far has been manageable.

Biggest thing coming our way: the upcoming move. A move to a place that I have never been. Scary I mean adventurous! We are on a couple waiting lists, but it isn't looking all that hot- come on Moscow! Make room for us- we are friendly and amiable!  Pretty much everything we have found is like in the 700 range for kind of poor quality,
So we shall see where we end up. New beginnings are always something to look forward to.
Well, that is all for now...oh wait, John and I are going to a Diamond Rio concert tonight- yay! 
Now...that is all.

Friday, April 20, 2012


For easter we went down to Utah and spent the weekend with family! It was such a great weekend.

And we are headed to....

University of Idaho
 in Moscow, ID. 
Yes, we sort of feel like Idaho has become a life sentence! haha- we are excited though and I am proud of John for how hard he has worked- I know he will do great.  One nice thing about Idaho is we will  have in-state tuition- you have NO idea how enticing that is!  I can't believe we are moving in like four months to a place I have never been before! Talk about an adventure!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


  • Accepted to University of ______! I think I will keep it a secret and save it for a post of its own! But JFYI (just for your information) We know where we are going in August!
  • Will finish hauling hay next week and will then be a Manager for Biorem Compost (or as John calls it, The Poo Job.) It will be nice though, a five dollar raise and he will only have to work three days a week, so I can go to school! We feel pretty blessed it all worked out.
  • Just bought a 4runner to flip. I know, I know my dream car, right? Wrong. THIS one is covered with camo, yes camo, and is about ten years older than luxury.  He bought to flip it- good thing he is a miracle worker!
  • Start school in 6 days- ahhh! So surreal. I don't want to go back, I don't want to! But...I must. Just hoping I will be able to prioritize time with the kids as number one- its hard feeling the pressures! I know it will be what is best...but, bah- school.
  • Has become the list poor family and their lives subjected to my lists! (deep down I think they like it...I know Caity does!)
  • Just had my sister come visit for the week. Aw, love her. (and John's sister visit for a couple days!) Kickin' it with the 18 year olds- yee--ya.
  • Is the bad-word police around here.
  • Sneaks marshmellows for her and Johnny before letting me know she is awake.
  • Can now read, cat, hat, rat, the, you, jam, ham, mat- and others I can't remember, when it isn't frustrating, its enjoyable! This age has been a lot of fun for me.
  • Is obsessed with "hoooo" ing like an owl. 
  • Just walked in looking like a homeless person.
  • Tells you story all the day long, and even though you can tell they are important to him, you really  have no clue what he is saying.
  • Started a new dance move today: He points both of his fingers out and squats up and down to the beat. It is so funny.
  • Now says, "no" and "yaaaaaaay" while flinging his arms in the air.
  • Is really into the motor-skills type of activities; like stacking the rings, or putting the shapes in the right place.
  • Loves the outdoors like his daddy, except as soon as he makes it out the door, he bolts for the street! (the busy street, mind you.) 
  • kisses me and then looks at John and laughs at him like, "what are you gonna do?"
  • loves bed time/nap time. Weird, I know- but not complaining!
Sorry for the lack of pictures...I need to charge my camera! 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So what if it is almost Easter...

Ok, so I am late on my Vday/Pday post! Such is my life story!
Anyway, without further ado, or procrastination:
Valentine's Day.
My super cool not-at-all-tacky V-day decorations (cute, cord- right?)
Caity's Valentines for her Pre-school
My first attempt at making shirts...I really loved how they turned out!
The kids got V-day treats from both spoiled, loved.
Aaaand, she's dancing. She is so cool, I wonder who she gets it from- who am I kidding- me! ha! (joke, mom.)
The kids
My little Valentines. John was at work all day, so despite packing him a lunch of cheezy  one-liners for him to look at all day- I was feeling mighty lonely! 
Caity loves "heart" day.
Caity and Patrick decorating cookies while we waited for the other kids to arrive for our Valentine's Party.
This is Kami helping me with the pillow sack race...she is beautiful, I have a feeling she would kill me for posting this, but it is the only one I have of the party!  We played all sorts of games and had heart sandwiches and exchanged valentines. It was so much fun and I would totally do it again.

St. Patrick's Day!
Hello, I have NO pictures of this whatsoever. 
I know, I am horrible!
I am however going to still bore you with details!
The night before Caity and I left green all over the house to attract the leprechaun. 
He came and played pranks on Caity, he left his footprints everywhere he went: He pulled out all her green toys and messed up her room, hung her Barbie from the lamp, taped her Cinderella to the chair, and put her toy car on the ceiling light- he even peed green in our toilet! Gross!
At least he left little treats at our table and a note for Caity,
(which she cherished and had me read to her ALL the time until I "accidently" threw it away...right when I do something right, I have to ruin it!)
We did the green shamrock pancakes and spinach/banana smoothies for breakfast.
We also pinched Dad all day because he refused to get into the festive spirit, silly dad, doesn't he know how to be cool like mom? 
For dinner we had pizza and green pop- which is totally an Irish food, ok? And watched the Zookeeper- which I thought was hilarious. 
And it was just a fun day to spend as a family. 
Which is why I like holidays, the traditions are a fun excuse to spend time together.
Well, my friends- until Easter!

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