Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Let me paint a picture for you.
dressed in
a long sleeve blue striped shirt under a red-tiered shirt (used to be a baby dress) poking out under a pink button up jacket all under a yellow striped pea-coat.  On bottom a pair of rainbow heart leggings underneath yellow and pink and brown plaid shorts all under a pink tutu. She wore purple shoes and a pink sock and a yellow heart sock. She. was. smokin'.
Has come down with a cold.
This little boy, despite my best efforts, gets terrible eye boogers when he is sick- like disgusting.
From the house to the store the poor boy's eyes were almost swollen shut and he wiped nose boogers all over his face. (don't worry doc appointment today!)  
I severely, desperately needed a hair washing.
( I know, gross- but I can't get into the shower without a little baby crying he wants a shower too and with a three year old accomplice he always finds a way in and so my time in the shower is limited.)
So as John was forced to walk in the parking lot with mophead, rainbow-brite and crusty...
I justified, its ok, we're just going to Walmart.
Besides, when we go, we only run into
we have ever known, currently know, and ever plan on knowing.
It's all good.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Johnny's Birthday (part 3)

January 21, 2011- my little man was born!
There are a few things I remember about the day Johnny was born.
I remember how excited I was to hold him!

After giving birth and holding him for a couple hours the nurses took him to the nursery so I could get some sleep, I woke up a shortly after so excited to hold him again. I buzzed the nurses like 4 times (which I know was probably annoying.) and from midnight to six in the morning, I just held my new little baby and told him how much I loved him and how excited we were to take him home. The hospital was quiet, John was asleep on the couch and it was our first moments just the two of us. I knew we were meant to be mommy and son.
I remember looking into his eyes and seeing heaven.
I remember he almost never cried.
I remember how excited Caity was to have a little brother.
He has brought such a peace into our home, and has quickly stolen all our hearts. I am excited to see the man he will become, but feel determined he will be my little Johnny forever.
Happy Birthday, to the happiest little boy I know.

Johnny's Birthday (part 2)

It was Johnny's first brithday!
Such a fun time for us parents to celebrate the happiness he has brought into our lives!
When Johnny woke up, we poured a huge bag of balloons into his crib and sang him happy birthday- he LOVED it! It was so cute watching him giggle and throw the balloons around.

Johnny and Caity had fun playing with the streamers and party gear.  On cue- Johnny started growling- I had a video but it wouldn't load, so sorry- but let me promise you, it is really cute, like undeniably darling. I just love that little guy.
After a primary activity in the morning, we decided to go snow hunting so Johnny could go sledding for the first time.
Well, we found the snow alright!....and got stuck in it.
Like...REALLY stuck...like and hour and a half stuck:

But we still managed to have some fun!

Johnny and Dad sledding                                        Momma and her blue eyed birthday boy!

John pulling the kids through the snow

 Then we went home for our monster party! (see below post for decoration pics.)
Johnny was so excited!

We even had party games, in honor of the birthday boy!
1- I put all the clean silverware in the dishwasher so we could pull them and throw them all over the kitchen floor (a favorite.)
2- We dropped objects into a bucket of water (in symbolism of Johnny's dropping-objects-into-the-toilet talent.)
3- Bunco! You know when you throw balls to get close to the little ball...or something like that. This was meant to highlight Johnny's throwing-balls-in-the-house skills.

Then we opened presents- which Johnny definitely figured out this time around  (Christmas, he completely missed the whole concept.)

He loved his car the most.

Then we played with the toys Johnny got!

Caity said, "Surprise! Johnny gets a big sister for his birthday!"

(Johnny playing Bunco)

Then it was time for cake and icecream!
Happy Birthday dear Johnny....

Caity, Johnny, blow out his your candles!

 And dig in, chunker- man!

By the end of the day, he sure was tired! Poor guy. Little party animal.

and I got to tuck my little baby big one year old into bed.

 But he will always be my 'little man'...it was such a fun day celebrating the sweetest little boy I know, so glad we got to have a whole day commemorating him! 

Johnny's Birthday (part 1- the decorations.)

I can't believe my little man is 1 year old!! We had a lot of fun celebrating his birthday...his party was a monster theme- in honor of his growling, of course.
Sooo, the following are some pictures of the decorations the night before- its not worth pinteresting or anything- but I think it turned out kind of fun!
He was so excited when he saw it! I didn't even think he would notice.

in case you probably can't tell...those are monsters on his cake. (I had to explain the blue one to john-three eyes, yellow legs...get it? Oh well, it tasted good.)

There is Johnny's little cake for himself- with the little one! A ONE! I still can't believe it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

An interview with Cate

I got this idea from pinterest...it is fun to see what goes on in a toddler's mind.

What is your name?
ummm...Caity Brassell
How old are you?
Three, Mom, three.
Holds fingers up (because I am a big girl.)
What color is your hair?
(after trying to get me to say it for her.) um...yellow
What color are your eyes?
green and black
What is your favorite food?
mac and cheese, AAAnd peas, and pizza, sticks and pop.
What is your favorite song?
frosty the snowman
What is your favorite treat?
bananas, cookies
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite animal?
What is your favorite book?
baby jesus book
What is your favorite store?
mine! (broulims) because it makes me so happy its not moving.
What do you like to do with Daddy?
having so much fun with him like playing game. call johnny pooper
What do you like to do with Mommy?
having cookies 'cause we make them together! count to two with mom. and play special game in the office.
What is your favorite movie?
watch Spencer sing
What is your favorite TV show?
library shows
Who are your friends?
allison, payden, bracken, ezra, johnny and you and daddy and ummmm and p, and david and shingshang Katy, there's another Katy and her name is shingshang, and neenee said there is another Katy isn't it wonderful? Forever!
What is your favorite thing to do outside?
Run around and someone catch me and got her, and play with Patrick and hels daddy fix his truck with him.
What is your favorite thing to play inside?
with Johnny, I like to play with my toys and johnny plays with his toys. I like Legos and yes, yes!!! Cinderella!! Cin-der-ELLA!! My favorite thing to do is clap my hands.

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