Sunday, January 22, 2012

Johnny's Birthday (part 3)

January 21, 2011- my little man was born!
There are a few things I remember about the day Johnny was born.
I remember how excited I was to hold him!

After giving birth and holding him for a couple hours the nurses took him to the nursery so I could get some sleep, I woke up a shortly after so excited to hold him again. I buzzed the nurses like 4 times (which I know was probably annoying.) and from midnight to six in the morning, I just held my new little baby and told him how much I loved him and how excited we were to take him home. The hospital was quiet, John was asleep on the couch and it was our first moments just the two of us. I knew we were meant to be mommy and son.
I remember looking into his eyes and seeing heaven.
I remember he almost never cried.
I remember how excited Caity was to have a little brother.
He has brought such a peace into our home, and has quickly stolen all our hearts. I am excited to see the man he will become, but feel determined he will be my little Johnny forever.
Happy Birthday, to the happiest little boy I know.


Dean and Katrina said...

I love this post Mary. It kinda made me tear up. I am so glad we are in the same ward. We really do need to dinner before John leaves!

Erin Anderson said...

Happy Birthday Sweet boy! I love hearing your insites. you make me so excited to do it again. While I would imagine there is nothing like doing it for the first time I sortof feel like there might even be more excitement in just introducing your an older sibling to a younger sibling. Love you and miss you =)

Kristin said...

That is soo sweet! How lucky he is to have such a wonderful mother.

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