Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Let me paint a picture for you.
dressed in
a long sleeve blue striped shirt under a red-tiered shirt (used to be a baby dress) poking out under a pink button up jacket all under a yellow striped pea-coat.  On bottom a pair of rainbow heart leggings underneath yellow and pink and brown plaid shorts all under a pink tutu. She wore purple shoes and a pink sock and a yellow heart sock. She. was. smokin'.
Has come down with a cold.
This little boy, despite my best efforts, gets terrible eye boogers when he is sick- like disgusting.
From the house to the store the poor boy's eyes were almost swollen shut and he wiped nose boogers all over his face. (don't worry doc appointment today!)  
I severely, desperately needed a hair washing.
( I know, gross- but I can't get into the shower without a little baby crying he wants a shower too and with a three year old accomplice he always finds a way in and so my time in the shower is limited.)
So as John was forced to walk in the parking lot with mophead, rainbow-brite and crusty...
I justified, its ok, we're just going to Walmart.
Besides, when we go, we only run into
we have ever known, currently know, and ever plan on knowing.
It's all good.


Lauren and Michael said...


Erin Anderson said...

Oh my goodness I remember those days in rexburg feeling like I couldn't go to the store without getting done up because in a small college town you know everyone! I never had to worry about getting 2 little ones perfectly dressed there though either. I feel for ya. Its good that you three are all just so dang cute

Brit said...

hahha love this! i could just picture it all, and i loved what i saw

Kristin said...

You are so funny.

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