Monday, March 12, 2012

Caity's Party

Recently we went to visit our parents.
My dad so kindly introduced the following clip to Caity:
Yesterday while driving in the car I heard Caity eating her apple, singing,
"Oh yeah, oh yeah- there's a party in my tummy, oh yeah oh yeah! Apple, you want to go to the party? Oh yeah, oh yeah, there's a party in my tummy!"
I personally found the clip funny and Caity singing the song in her polka dot shirt and tutu hilarious.
I thought, this is good- I can probably get her to eat anything now!

Scene: Lunch Today.

ME: Caity the carrots want to go to your party!
HER: No, carrots are boring, they have to sleep. Yeah, they're not invited. Sorry Carrots. Maybe you can come to my next party.
(She walks away and at first I am stumped)
ME: Ope- they're crying now.
HER: (big sigh as she dramatically turns around.) FINE! Come oooon in!
(sits on the chair and takes a bite.)
 There's a party in my tummy, oh yeah oh yeah, carrots in my tummy, oh yeah, oh yeah.
I can't go to the party because eating myself is just crazy.
I can go to Matt's party though!
(my brother teases her by "eating" her legs, arms, face, etc.)


Erica said...

Bahaha! I wish I could be a fly on the wall in your house. I love hearing all of your conversations with Caity!

Brit said...

i second every word of erica's comment!!

Kayleen said...

haha! She is so funny. We love this song. Hopefully it lasts for you!!!

Erin Anderson said...

You are the best mom ever! =) I may have to show lizzy this and see if I can get it to work!

The Schultz Family said...

I couldn't find it on youtube (and searching for it brought up tummy tuck videos....gag) but if you can see the Just Dance Kids version of this song, it's great. The kid in the middle is the one who makes the dance. Caity's response to the carrot is so funny!

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