Monday, March 19, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun!

Caity is typically surrounded by boys. Her whole primary class, preschool class, not to mention all of our friends happen to have boys. We love them, she loves them (and is going to marry each and every one given the day;) however, this girl is frequently outnumbered!
So when we got the chance to have McKazelyn over to play we were so ecstatic.
Caity said,
 "A real girl? A real girl is coming to my house?"
Really, what good are dress up clothes, dolls and tea sets if you only end up chasing your baby brother down to get them back?
(Special thanks to my Brother, David for the Cinderella Tea Set, Cinderella guitar, Cinderella crown and Cinderella outfit- among a million other toys for Christmas.)
A tea party, they had impecable manners, I must say.
They took turns singing songs they knew, "wow, you know that song too?" "You have such a beautiful voice!"
These girls had too much fun, I am so sad Kaz is moving away in two days!
Speaking of Boys vs Girls.
Today, Caity was watching Thomas the Train, and said,
"All the boys in my school like Thomas the Train even though trains aren't supposed to have eyes! Or a mouth! They just don't!"
Something I don't boys take the time to think about.


Kristin said...

Sooo cute! Makes me want a girl! :)

Kayleen said...

oh this is so cute!!

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