Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We be truckin'

Sometimes dad is gone for a very, very, very long day...and we just miss him (and he misses us of course!) (no, I don't have to remind him of that.) So we decided we need to see what the deal is with this whole trucking business and hit the open road with Dad.

Playing with trucks...IN the truck, so fitting.
(and yes, we had car seats strapped down for when the truck was moving.)

Johnny's so excited! Caity is probably explaining something to us that makes no sense.

Never thought I would fall for a trucker!
Caity was like, "Ok, I'm ready, take another one!"
Caity going to pay for gas with her Daddy. She looked so cute among all these truckers, they all looked really rough and grizzly and they would just melt when she walked by and smile and wave at her, it was so sweet.

It was SO windy!!

Helping Dad  'fill her up'

Ok, so Johnny was obsessed with kissing this thing it was so funny and gross at the same time! haha
It was a fun trip to Dillon, Montana and back to Rexburg. I definitely appreciate what John does a lot more. It is such a boring job. He hardly ever complains- I don't know how he does it- but I sure am grateful for his hard work.  We are both grateful to have a job during this inbetween time before law school.

1 comment:

Erin Anderson said...

Oh fun! Your such a good wife and John is such a good husband to work so hard at something like that =) I miss you...come visit =)

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