Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So what if it is almost Easter...

Ok, so I am late on my Vday/Pday post! Such is my life story!
Anyway, without further ado, or procrastination:
Valentine's Day.
My super cool not-at-all-tacky V-day decorations (cute, cord- right?)
Caity's Valentines for her Pre-school
My first attempt at making shirts...I really loved how they turned out!
The kids got V-day treats from both spoiled, loved.
Aaaand, she's dancing. She is so cool, I wonder who she gets it from- who am I kidding- me! ha! (joke, mom.)
The kids
My little Valentines. John was at work all day, so despite packing him a lunch of cheezy  one-liners for him to look at all day- I was feeling mighty lonely! 
Caity loves "heart" day.
Caity and Patrick decorating cookies while we waited for the other kids to arrive for our Valentine's Party.
This is Kami helping me with the pillow sack race...she is beautiful, I have a feeling she would kill me for posting this, but it is the only one I have of the party!  We played all sorts of games and had heart sandwiches and exchanged valentines. It was so much fun and I would totally do it again.

St. Patrick's Day!
Hello, I have NO pictures of this whatsoever. 
I know, I am horrible!
I am however going to still bore you with details!
The night before Caity and I left green all over the house to attract the leprechaun. 
He came and played pranks on Caity, he left his footprints everywhere he went: He pulled out all her green toys and messed up her room, hung her Barbie from the lamp, taped her Cinderella to the chair, and put her toy car on the ceiling light- he even peed green in our toilet! Gross!
At least he left little treats at our table and a note for Caity,
(which she cherished and had me read to her ALL the time until I "accidently" threw it away...right when I do something right, I have to ruin it!)
We did the green shamrock pancakes and spinach/banana smoothies for breakfast.
We also pinched Dad all day because he refused to get into the festive spirit, silly dad, doesn't he know how to be cool like mom? 
For dinner we had pizza and green pop- which is totally an Irish food, ok? And watched the Zookeeper- which I thought was hilarious. 
And it was just a fun day to spend as a family. 
Which is why I like holidays, the traditions are a fun excuse to spend time together.
Well, my friends- until Easter!


Laura said...

Johnny looks like a little stud in the shirt you made. I want one for Jonas.
Ha- I just realized our daughters' names both start with C and our sons' with J. And it's lame I'm even admitting to realizing that.

James said...

that sounds so fun! you are a cool mom. We didn't do anything for St. Patty's. I chaperoned a youth dance and didn't even wear green. Boring. Nothing like your fun festivities. I'll have to try that next year.

James said...

love kayleen :)

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