Friday, May 4, 2012

Rise to Your Master, Already!

Well, hello my internet crew- Mary here, (in the freak incident you thought John may have picked up blogging.)
So much has happened since we last chatted!
For starters Caity decided to be all grown up out of no where. I don't even know what that is about. One second I am burping her, next she is burping herself and saying "excuse me, my mouth has gas."  Seriously, what makes her think she is allowed to enjoy the two hours away from me in pre-school? I know, I know, its good for her development or whatever- interaction with other kids or whatever-I need to let her learn independence or whatever....scratch that, I want my minion back! (kidding, CPS spies.) 
(I might or might not sing the song from Anastasia when I get the kids from their beds in the morning- "Come my min-ions, rise for you master..." ok, ok TMI- I know! But this actually is how I look in the morning. No, really.
But yes, she is going to preschool up at BYU-Idaho with all the other little children. And she enjoys it so I'm happy for her.

When we were walking her first day she looked up at me and said,
"Mom, I think I am going to be nervous."
So I told her when I get nervous I just try to smile and I feel better (trying to combat Caity's nervous scowl.)
That seemed to do it for her, then a couple days later, I was talking to John and telling him I was nervous for a test, and Miss Sunshine runs up to me and says, "Just smile mom, smile real big, and it will be ok." Now if that isn't just precious (no, I am not a biased parent..ok, maybe I am...still- I thought it was sweet!)
Baby Johnny and I are given 2 hours/three times a week of Mommy/Little Man time. We've spent it so far doing all sorts of wonderful things: boiling chicken, getting shots, walking in the hail to the post office, and reading a story book over and over and over again, since Johnny is a monogamous reader and all.
John is working in cow waste all day and I sure appreciate his positive attitude,  I keep reminding him that he is building up his motivation bank to get through law school. 
School is going well, sometimes homework is hard to concentrate on with two kiddos on my lap petting my face, but luckily the workload so far has been manageable.

Biggest thing coming our way: the upcoming move. A move to a place that I have never been. Scary I mean adventurous! We are on a couple waiting lists, but it isn't looking all that hot- come on Moscow! Make room for us- we are friendly and amiable!  Pretty much everything we have found is like in the 700 range for kind of poor quality,
So we shall see where we end up. New beginnings are always something to look forward to.
Well, that is all for now...oh wait, John and I are going to a Diamond Rio concert tonight- yay! 
Now...that is all.

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