Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 months ago we went fishing

Well, its no secret I love family outings- even if it involves slimy, gross swimming thingies eating worms. Bleh. I know, I know- fishing is "fun." Well, fishing is also kind of gross. I try to be a good country girl to my wonderful romantic-comedy-enduring husband, but fishing just really makes me kinda want to puke. 
Sitting in nature is great. Talking about things is great. Having to grab the actual flopping fish- I draw my line.
Not to mention, John could fish for hoooouuuurs, I am done after about 30 minutes. 
Caity always insists fishing is her and Dad's thing- not even trying to compete with her!
But like I said- I am all about family time, so I trooped it out and had a great time.
Anyway, without further adieu...
Johnny and Caity with their fishing poles

John says I am exaggerating, BUT the bridge we have to cross to get to "our" (or John's) favorite spot is seriously death defying. If a train came, I am pretty sure we would all die, and the tracks have like 8 inch gaps between each one! It is totally scary- if you aren't cool and brave like myself.

Dad caught a fish...Caity was a little concerned.

Now, she is excited and I am pretty overenjoyed as well- its not every day John catches a fish- literally,  in fact, he like has terrible fishing luck.
Johnny is is about as much of as fan of that fish as I am.
Them doing their thing
My attempt at a cute family picture...hmmm. Johnny crying and John looks slightly awkward- haha.
Anyway, it was overall a lot of fun, minus the fact Johnny sat in a huge pile of cow poop. Like father, like son. bwahaha (what am I? 10?)  Then we went home and had some fish. And it was in all a great day to be alive.

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