Friday, July 27, 2012

for the sake of blogging.

Things are just plain busy. I should be packing for the move.  But since that isn't happening..why don't I talk to all my imaginary friends in the blogsphere.
We have stuff. Lots of stuff. Not a compatible collection for a 10 hour away move, if you know what I am saying. Its not that we're hoarders or anything we just possess all sorts of useless things we put value on and refuse to get rid of....wait, what? I don't know what your talking about.  Soooo, I am trying to kick the habit with my trusty garbage can. It is long. It is tedious. So I am now blogging.
Today was Caity's last day of Preschool. Yep. And when I explained it to her, she responded with, "what a relief."
I grunt/growl when I get frustrated. Johnny and Caity also do this now.  Sometimes they will just do it to echo me. Me: RRRRR. Caity: RRRRR. Then Johnny: rrrrrrr.  And then I laugh because I literally hear how obnoxious I sound.
Can you  believe John is going to be a law student? I can't. He can. I should be able to.
Caity and Johnny are joint at the hip... she runs one way, he toddles on after her. Quite entertaining.

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