Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mountain Biking

Back in June, John and I went mountain biking (ish) (I'm kind of a pansy.) (more like dirt trail biking.) Summertime is especially fun for us because that was the time we met and dated and got married (because we were ridiculously fast movers.) Mountain biking was our first official date. 
(I was kind of a pansy then too... so what?? I lack coordination, ok?) 
Not the cutest picture- but I was terrified to take my toes off the ground, you would think I never rode a bike before.  I was probably saying something like, "If you take a picture of me  right now I will  kill you." (you know, sweet nothings.) (John was not killed after this picture was taken.)
It was beautiful!

John just hanging out...on a cliff! You can't even tell, but it was  pretty steep, so of course John was all stoked to  go sit on the death trap.

The first time we came here, we could ride through. Now you can't.  So what does John do when he spots a structurally unsound tunnel-climbs on top of it, naturally, only a couple beams fell from underneath him.

Awww, we're in love! 
Trying to climb the tunnel to show John I was cool. Back fired. 

Isn't he cute??

And our only close up together- eyes closed and blurry! Thanks,  fate.
It was a fun date, beautiful weather and good company.  I would do again! And again, probably.  Its crazy it will be 5 years this September! Man, has time flown by.


James said...

so cute and mary, you look so beautiful! You guys are great. again-kayleen :)

s + b said...

Mary! Finally found your awesome blog! We need to catch up. I'm gonna find you on facebook (dun-dun-dunnnnn)...

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