Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Off the cuff sorta update

It has been so long that updating my blog seems- oh, just overwhelming. So I am just going to avoid the "update" part and speak a little off the cuff what our family is up to lately. Not promising much! Hoping to keep it down in word count since regular and not so regular readers know that I am quite the rambler!

Right now, I am hearing loud noises emancipating from the upstairs room above the kitchen. I am hearing crashes, bangs, and well, I don't know how to describe that last noise- any how each one is followed by a pair of uncontrollable giggles.  Those kids are out.of.control. everyday at about 1:15 pm, Johnny hears nap time and the short in his brain says time for jumping off Caity's bed and what not.

Johnny is Caity's little side-kick, and she loves being the boss and controlling their make-believe world. Yesterday, she gave birth to dinosaurs. I said, "Really?" She said, "Yes, the doctors say it was a miracle!" Johnny echoes, "A miracle!"  A miracle indeed.  Johnny is a master mimicker these days. He will copy EVERYTHING you say...even if you are in a different room.  I would type it up for you but it just doesn't do it justice.   He knows he is funny too, which is the best part.  Johnny is tease. This is great because Caity DESPISES being teased.  

Caity is learning to have a sense of humor though, her specialty is knock knock jokes.  Her favorite is "Knock knock...who's there...banana orange....banana orange who....don't cry its just a joke."  Then of course Johnny chimes in "knock, knock....just goking...(insert shrug.)"

Both of my kids are my favorite.  Caity is my favorite because she changes the roll on the toilet paper holder- heaven knows I have been waiting for someone help me with that.  Johnny is my favorite because he walks in the kitchen swinging his arms and says, "whatya makin?"  and the last couple days, he then says, "Yuuuuuum, mom- delishuuuuuush."  Then he walks out and says, "see you later."

John passed the first (and main/biggest) part of his interview for an internship this summer in Kirkland, Washington.  He REALLY wanted it, so I am more than happy for him.  More details when I know for sure that he's got it!  He is enjoying law school.

Caity has  been really into crying when she is happy or grateful.  "This brings a tear to my eyes."  Then, she looks at me all sentimental, "I am just so happy."  I think it is funny, John thinks its odd.  She is still into planning her wedding, for some reason I absolutely love talking about it too. Her ideas crack me up!  "I want a row of rainbow candy canes all lined up in a pretty fashion...." (yes, she says fashion.) (confession: we watch wedding make over shows after her homework during Johnny's nap.)

The kids are great play mates, they love play dough, playing on their car mats, legos, blocks, sneaking treats and marching in circles singing songs like "Choose the Right."  They also enjoy alternating waking us up ever couple hours at night.

Some things I probably need to blog about: Caity's 4th birthday, the move to Moscow, ID, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Jordan's wedding, Our December camping trip, Christmas, Johnny's 2nd Birthday....and I think that is all.  But that is a list, isn't it??  Whooweee...do I have my work cut out for me! Oh yeah, AND family pictures!  Now I am just stressed! Haha.

But all in all things are good here, we are happy we are livin the high life (in nasty student housing.) And adventuring as always.  Well, that last nap crash seemed a little out of control, I should probably go check on them and stare at Johnny until his eyes close -not creepy. Effective!

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