Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Alright then..

Johnny turns on our home phone talks to the "If you would like to make a call..." lady then says thank you as the dial tone commences. He will sit for about 20 minutes straight listening to it. I have tried hanging up the phone and giving back to him among other things, but he loves the sound of that dial tone.

Caity's favorite is her "hart-monica." She plays it constantly. Its the worst when she wants to me to sing along, I can never get it right!

Johnny is struggling with a possession syndrome. Where everything he touches is suddenly his and if another child looks at it Johnny cries hysterically, just kidding- he pummels the other kid. I know a lot two year olds go through this, just not a fan!

Right now they are in the bed "taking naps" in other words, singing happy birthday to each and every toy in their room.  It IS kind of sweet to listen to.

Their favorite songs to listen to in the car are "Call Me Maybe," "Young Homie," and "Just a Dream."

The other night Caity woke up in the middle of the night, so we snuck down stairs and made sandwiches and looked up High School Musical songs. She was enchanted and it was kind of fun.  I know, many people find it obnoxious but I think High School Musical is cute and kid-friendly.

John has some 20 page paper due tomorrow. Soooo, he will likely be a no show tonight. What to do, what to do....brain! Stop repeating laundry over and over I am trying to figure out what to do

It is rainy and stormy outside and I absolutely love it! Rain makes me feel so happy with life. I must be from Washington.

Now, let's just include a picture for sake of doing so:
Johnny was sick in this picture, I love how Caity would hold his little hand.

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Brooke said...

Mary, I. love. your. blog.

"possession syndrome' is THE WORST. I think Gage still has it :( What can ya do.

That photo is so cute. I love how much they love each other. I hope I can teach my kids to be like that, too! Right now Gage is very mercurial with KJ. Either he LOVES her to DEATH (and tries to suffocate her) or can't stand her. Sigh.

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