Monday, March 18, 2013

Caity's 4th Birthday- September 3, 2012

Last year, Caity turned 4.  I never blogged about because I don't know why. Since we have a tendency of busting hard drives, I thought it would be a smart idea to throw some pictures up!
Besides all of those reasons, and most of all, I just wished to talk about my favorite girl in the whole world, Caity. 
This was one of the funnest birthdays ever. I was more excited for hers than I have ever been for mine! 
Since I didn't get much of a break away from the kids to sneak presents and decorations for Caity, I tricked her and told her everything was for her friend in Rexburg and I needed Caity's help to make sure her friend had a good birthday.  Caity's chosen theme this year was, "Pink! I want EVERYTHING pink." (She claimed that when she turned four her favorite color would have to change to white- 5 months later, she is still a pink lover.) So pink it was.  You should have seen her face when she ran downstairs and saw all the decorations she picked out for "her friend." Oh wait, you can below!
She was so surprised and excited, it was so sweet.  For breakfast we had strawberries and pink pancakes.  She got to wear her favorite dress and we played board games AAAAAAALLLLLL morning. Yes, all morning.  Then we played outside.
 John surprised Caity with a scooter, we made a picture scavenger hunt for her to find it. Although she still can't ride it effectively, it was cute seeing her all excited and seeing John all excited to get it for her.
 Since we just moved here, Caity didn't know any friends to invite to a birthday party, so she just made treats for her new-soon-to-be- friends, she was VERY very very VERY excited about. 
They "love" sharing....haha.
I don't know why the picture below makes me laugh so much, but it really does- I think it is the crazy eyes. Yes, she is wearing a cape and crown.  She wished for more stars in the sky so she can make more wishes- smart girl- EXCEPT it doesn't even come true if you tell people! Silly, Caity. 

 Caity got books and a couple of My Little Ponies for her birthday, she also got legos and a baking set from her grandparents. 

I just love my Caity girl. She inspires me to be better. She constantly surprises with me with her wisdom, how much she really does pay attention and how intelligent that little mind of hers is.
Caity and I share the most random quirks  and I can't believe how much her odd logic reminds me of me. When John calls her "crazy," I'm like- what are you talking about, that makes perfect sense, and then I explain it to him and he's like- "Ok, you're crazy."
 I like that Caity is conscientious  eager to learn, quick to forgive, motherly to her brother (and the rest of us, who am I kidding!), loves making others happy, is funny.
Caity is a singer, she learns lyrics her first time through a song and almost always has perfect pitch.
She is competitive- this cracks me up because John and I are probably the least competitive people in the world.
Caity is so honest, she always comes clean if she makes a mistake- even if it is a day later and she can get away with it.
She likes riding her bike, playing with friends, helping mom cook, playing with ponies, coloring, bossing her brother and engaging in pillow fights with her dad.
She is a fashionista and looooooves accessorizing her outfits.
She is shy and gets nervous trying new things.
Her closest friends are in their 20's.
Caity is learning how to take a joke- and it is so fun, she is notorious for her disdain in being teased-she is getting it though.
She has a great memory and is my walking day planner.
Caity is a mediator, if she senses John and I are at odds about something- she steps in to coach us through it, "Ok- mom- how does this make you feel? Just tell Dad and then Dad you listen and tell her exactly what you feel too."
Caity is such blessing in our home and is many times the glue that keeps us together. She puts others first and is such a good example to me of what a light you can be in the world.
So glad she is in our life.
(The following video is let you all know how obnoxious my voice is, even to myself- I swear voices mutate over recordings- actually, I just wanted to archive it, since this blog seems to be our family's event journal- I just want to be able to look back on this day and remember Caity's face when she exclaims, "Four!" and then Johnny copies her and says, "Four!"  So, the following video is the sort that I will likely be the only one finding enjoyment- no obligation to watch! Now THAT was a long explanation.)


Ellen said...

Oh how we all love cute Caity! It has been so fun getting to know her. Shane and I got a kick sitting behind her on Sunday. Life is Good :)

erin anderson said...

Oh my gosh in some ways Lizzy and her sound like complete opposites so it would be so much fun to see them together! She is so cute! I love how you have the house decorated when they wake up...great idea! I miss you Mary

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